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The Private Press and Type foundry [Paul Hayden Duensing]

Paul Hayden Duensing (1928-2006) was a typographer and type designer who ran The Private Press and Type foundry, in Vicksburg, MI. Designer of Sans Descender, Chancery Italic (1966), Rustica Sixteenth Century Roman, Quadrata II, Janson Open (experimental), Van Krimpen Open Capitals (numerals only; designed by Will Reuter and cut by Duensing), Octavian Caps, Unciala, and Dartmouth (designed by Will Carter, cut by Duensing). In 1990, he published a gorgeously hand-set booklet entitled "Deutsche Druckschriften", in which he says: "The present portfolio attempts no campaign for Fraktur; rather it makes only a quiet appeal for consideration of a great, if neglected, calligraphic typeface." The blackletter types shown there are, I presume, made by him: Heinzemann No99M, Heinzemann No100M, Dürer No.256, Wallau, Jessen, Kasseler No. 40 Teutonic Text, Theuerdank No. 392, Wilhelm-Klingspor-Schrift, Blücher No. 387 and Koch Initials. He was a generous man, who in the last year of his life donated his typefounding machines, matrices and effects to young people.

Mac McGrew explains Andromaque's genesis: Andromaque is a cursive form of uncial letter, mixing Greek forms of aeklmnstz with Roman forms of the other letters, yet retaining legibility and harmony. The original size was cut by Victor Hammer and cast in France. The 14-point size was begun by Hammer, but left unfinished at his death. The font was completed by his long-time friend, R. Hunter Middleton, in the early 1980s, and cast by Paul H. Duensing. Paul Baker did a digital version of Andromaque in 1995.

Duensing died on November 9, 2006.

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file name: Paul Duensing Janson Open

file name: Paul Duensing Octavian Caps

file name: Will Reuter Numerals Van Krimpen Open Capitals Cut by Paul Duensing 1985

file name: Will Carter Dartmouth Cut by Duensing

file name: Paul Duensing Quadrata I I

file name: Paul Duensing Rustica

file name: Paul Duensing Sans Descender Italic

file name: Paul Duensing Chancery Italic 1966

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