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Petra Cerne Oven

This Slovenian researcher in languages and typography obtained her Ph.D. at the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication from the University of Reading, UK, in 2004 on the topic of the development of special characters in Slavonic languages. She won a typographic excellence award from the Type Directors Club of New York in 1999. In 2008 she won an invited tender for visual identity of Ljubljana---World Book Capital 2010, and was recipient of The most beautiful Slovene book award in 2011. She is the ATypI delegate for Slovenia and was a graphic designer and teacher in Ljubljana. In 2008 she started to teach at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design at the University of Ljubljana, where sh is presently Associate Professor.

At ATypI 2004 in Prague, she spoke about "The development of diacritical marks".

With Paul Stiff, she emabarked upon a project called The optimism of modernity. It aims to tell the story of an incomplete and now almost forgotten project: that of modernity in British typography. This is envisaged as a matter not of style but of design as a visible form of social philosophy and as an optimistic claim on enlightenment. They wrote: The modern typographers included professional practitioners and academics; their reasoning was channelled into unpaid work in study groups and expert panels, working parties, and internally circulated policy papers. (Examples: in 1965 the Typographers' Computer Working Group, TCWG, was constituted; and 1966 saw the first meeting of the Working Party on Typographic Teaching, WPTT.) Some of their work emerged in British Standards on publishing and printing, in professional periodicals, in academic journals and monographs. But most of their invisible work has lain dormant since completion or suspension. This work is largely undocumented. Many of the principal participants are dead: Anthony Froshaug, Maurice Goldring, Ernest Hoch, Jock Kinneir, Herbert Spencer. We will interview surviving participants and establish facts about the existence and accessibility of documents. We hope for access to the papers of some British Standards panels; we will interview participants in the work of the WPTT and the TCWG, and other groups. We will establish registers of documents, chronologies of events, and network diagrams of participants. This work will lead to the writing and publication of an account of this brief enlightenment in British typography.

Speaker at ATypI 2016 in Warsaw on Designing young readers through typography.

Link at Reading, where she is a Research Fellow. LinkedIn link. Ljubljana university link with a full bio. Facebook link. Another URL.

Petra Cerne Oven
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