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BA Graphics [Robert Alonso]

Bob Alonso (b. Bronx, NY, 1946, d.2007), the founder of BA Graphics in 1994, was a prolific American type designer. With 33 years of experience at NewYork's Photo Lettering, he specialized in calligraphic script typefaces, but not exclusively so. BA Graphics was located in Chester, NY, and later in Toms River, NJ, and now sells its fonts through MyFonts. Many of its fonts published after Alonso's death in 2007 were completed by John Bomparte.

John Bomparte wrote this obituary: Throughout his career at the legendary Photo-Lettering, Inc. (one that spanned four decades), Bob created original typefaces and tailored type by modifying, revising and filling out families, fashioning pieces of type for hand-lettered jobs, as well as being involved with the updating of a number of well-known logotypes. Bob was blessed with natural teaching abilities; and those in social and professional circles who had the good fortune to know him considered him not just a type designer but a mentor and a friend. As one such person close to him put it, he was a graphic technician [...] back when computers were not even in site for graphic arts, he would take on any intricate&complex graphic project that others would shy away from and come up with a solution that achieved a masterpiece. I'll always remember someone saying "this can't be done" and Bob saying let me see it and a short time later, there it was---done&perfect. I would like to think that attitude rubbed off on me. Along with this gift for teaching and explaining the complex, Bob exhibited a level of professionalism that was unsurpassed. A number of years ago when the need came to make the transition from the traditional to digital way of creating fonts, he rose to the challenge admirably. Towards the last few years of Photo-Lettering, Bob played a vital role in the conversion to digital, of many of the typefaces within the collection, notably those fonts that carry the prefix PL. More recently, Bob Alonso released several fonts through ITC, Adobe and his independent foundry, BA Graphics. Bob was on the cutting edge of his best work, and in the circumstance of his untimely passing, left a measure of unfinished designs. However, the spirit of his typographic talents and his fine sense of humor lives on through the many much-loved, and popular fonts he has left us: fonts such as Cookie Dough, Equate, Elephant Bells and Pink Mouse, to name a few.

Alonso created these typefaces:

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BA Graphics
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file name: Bob Alonso I T C Serengetti 1996

file name: Bob Alonso I T C Aftershock 1996a

file name: Bob Alonso Sahara Bodoni 1996

file name: Bob Alonso Sahara Bodoni 1996

file name: Bob Alonso Sahara Bodoni 1996b

file name: Bob Alonso Cafe Aroma

file name: Bob Alonso Alexandra Scirpt 1996

file name: Bob Alonso Steel Magnolias 1995

file name: Bob Alonso Lorraine Script 2000

file name: Bob Alonso Lorraine Script 2000b

file name: B A Graphics Hey Dude 2016 195675

file name: B A Graphics Hey Dude 2016

file name: Bob Alonso Fools Gold

file name: Bob Alonso Fools Gold

file name: B A Graphics Footloose 2015 180228

file name: B A Graphics Footloose 2015 180229

file name: B A Graphics Footloose 2015 180230

file name: B A Graphics Footloose 2015

file name: Bob Alonso Jochen Schuss I T C Outback

file name: Bob Alonso John Bomparte Squat 2011

file name: Bob Alonso Fashion Didot 1994

file name: Bob Alonso Fashion Didot 1994b

file name: Bob Alonso Fashion Didot 1994d

file name: Bob Alonso Mega 1993

file name: Bob Alonso Deep Rising 2006

file name: Aleaxnadra Bob Alonso Chicken Feet 2007

file name: B A Graphics Milano 2004

file name: Bob Alonso Pic 1996

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