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Ground Control (was: Penny Font Foundry, or: Pennyzine) [Jason Ramirez]

As part of the (ex-) Chank Army, Jason Ramirez (b. 1978, Wisconsin) offers free and commercial fonts. He started out as Pennyzine or Penny Fonts, or Penny Font Foundry, with free fonts that were typically made with the Data Becker software program. Later, his fonts became commercial, and the new site changed its name to Ground Control.

The list of their free fonts, which are mostly in the grunge style that was in vogue ca. 2000: Locals Only (2011), Cocaine Nosejob (2008), Made (2004, grunge blackletter), Strip Club Motion Sickness (2003), One Fell Swoop (2003, scratchy calligraphic), Fear of a Punk Planet (2005), Futon Revolutionist (2002), Bill Hicks (2002, grungy blackletter), Elliot Swonger (2002), Elliots Bad Day (grunge), Don Giovonni (2006, grungy typewriter), Don Giovonni Makin Enemies (2006), Gumuski (2002), DUMMY (1999), Acid Reflux Baby (2002), Avenge Me (2004, multiline, octagonal), Times-New-Omen (1999), punk rock rummage sale (2001), Thatluvinfeelin1 (2001, a sexual positions font), cut-n-paste (1999), Maydogg (1999-2002, handwriting), My-wife-sucks (1999), Stamped-out (1999), Stank (1999), StankII (1999), uncle-tom (1999), uno (1999), Coopdeville (2002), Dirtysocks, FourMoreYears (2003), Punkrockrummagesale (2001), Theregoestheneighborhood (2003), Thiskettle (2002, handwriting), Mr. Rogers (2003), Regime Change (2004), Hotel Coral Essex (2006, grunge), Limp Noodle (2006).

Commercial fonts: Sparkle House (2011), Chompsky Fancy (2011), Redneck Superstar (2002, Chank's).

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Ground Control (was: Penny Font Foundry, or: Pennyzine)
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file name: Jason Ramirez Catalog

file name: Jason Ramirez Catalog

file name: Jason Ramirez Catalog

file name: Jason Ramirez Bill Hicks 2002

file name: Jason Ramirez Chompsky Fancy 2011

file name: Jason Ramirez Cocaine Nosejob

file name: Jason Ramirez Don Giovonni 2006

file name: Jason Ramirez Don Giovonni 2006b

file name: Jason Ramirez Elliot Swonger 2002

file name: Jason Ramirez One Fell Swoop 2003

file name: Jason Ramirez Sparkle House 2011

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