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Jost Hochuli

Swiss typographer and book designer, b. 1933, Sankt Gallen. After study at the Kunstgewerbeschule St.Gallen, he trained as a compositor with the printer Zollikofer and at the Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich; his education as completed in 1959 in Adrian Frutiger's class at the École Estienne. Since then he has practised as a freelance graphic designer, eventually specializing in book design. In 1979 he co-founded the co-operatively run publishing company VGS Verlagsgemeinschaft St.Gallen, for which much of his book design work has been done. He has taught at the schools at Zurich and then St.Gallen since 1967.

His publications include Book Design in Switzerland, "Book Design: Theory and Practice", Detail in typography (Agfa Compugraphic, Wilmington, 1987), Designing Books: Practice and Theory (with Robin Kinross, 1996), "Book typography" (Agfa Compugraphic, Wilmington, 1990), "Jost Hochuli's Alphabugs" (Agfa Compugraphic, Wilmington, 1990), "Jost Hochuli: Printed matter, mainly books", Buchgestaltung in der Schweiz, "Kleine Geschichte der geschriebenen Schrift" (Verlag Typophil, St. Gallen, 1991, Agfa Compugraphic-Reihe), Das Detail in der Typographie. Buchstaben, Buchstabenabstand, Wort, Wortabstand, Zeile, Zeilenabstand, Kolumne (Compugraphic Corp., Wilmington, 1987), "Bücher machen. Eine Einführung in die Buchgestaltung, im besonderen in die Buchtypographie" (Compugraphic Corp, Wilmington, 1989). Winner of the Gutenberg Prize in 1999.

He is part of the type foundry ABC Litera together with Roland Stieger and Jonas Niedermann. At ABC Litera, he designed the sans family abc Allegra (2011). Earlier in his career, he designed quite a few typefaces, including a Trajan woodcut that served Roland Stieger as model for his typeface Alena (2012).

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Jost Hochuli
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file name: Jost Hochuli Trajan Woodcut 1980

file name: Jost Hochuli Trajan Woodcut 1980b

file name: Jost Hochuli abc Allegra 2011 199420

file name: Jost Hochuli abc Allegra 2011 199423

file name: Jost Hochuli abc Allegra 2011 199424

file name: Jost Hochuli abc Allegra 2011 199425

file name: Jost Hochuli abc Allegra 2011

file name: A B C Litera Allegra 2012

file name: Jost Hochuli Allegra 2011

file name: Jost Hochuli Allegra 2011b

file name: Jost Hochuli Allegra 2011c

file name: Jost Hochuli Alegra

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