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Tim Girvin

Principal of GIRVIN / Strategic Branding&Design, Seattle, involved in branding for the entertainment industry (e.g., the movie The Matrix). He studied calligraphy with Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Speaker at ATypI in Rome in 2002.

He designed many custom typefaces, some of which with the creative director at Girvin Seattle, Chie Sharp Masuyama. A partial list of Girvin's commissioned typefaces:

  • 1201 Third Ave. A typeface for a neo classicist skyscraper in Seattle. Done with Jon Runstad, this is a roman caps typeface for a building by Kohn Pedersen Fox.
  • 48 Hours. A titling font done for CBS.
  • Bardessono. A curvy deco typeface.
  • Castalia.
  • Girvalia. Girvin's in-house corporate font.
  • Girvenza. A font for FIFA's posters.
  • Girvpetua. An lapidary typeface based on the stone-cutting style of Eric Gill's Perpetua.
  • A custom typeface for Kettie Brand.
  • A roman display typeface for Nordstrom.
  • Projetto Italiano. One of several campaign fonts for windows, shopping bags, merchandising and print advertising at Nordstrom.
  • A custom typeface for Travel & Leisure. This was done with his long time collaborator in the early part of his career, Bob Ciano at Life Magazine.
  • A custom techno / speed typeface for Viathon.
  • Vignelli: a custom type (with Massimo Vignelli and Michael Bierut) for a building.

Tim Girvin
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file name: Tim Girvin Bob Ciano Travel Leisure

file name: Tim Girvin Bob Ciano Travel Leisure

file name: Tim Girvin Jon Runstad Custom Type for Kohn Pedersen Fox

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file name: Tim Girvin Girvalia

file name: Tim Girvin Girvenza

file name: Tim Girvin Girvpetua

file name: Tim Girvin Custom Type for Nordstrom

file name: Tim Girvin Projetto Italiano

file name: Tim Girvin Massimo Vignelli Michael Bierut Custom Type

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