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Frutiger--Univers--Helvetica [Mike Yanega]

On the issue of popular industrial sans serifs, Mike Yanega wrote: Also in the new edition of Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works (2nd Edition) by Erik Spiekermann, he discusses the trends in the use of 'corporate' typefaces and I believe highlights Frutiger, Syntax, Thesis and Meta as widely used, versatile typefaces that are replacing Helvetica/Arial in places were the standard Windows fonts are not necessarily all that can be used." Apostrophe replied: "Among the 4 you mentioned, Frutiger is definitely the corporate type used most in Europe, though it is used nowhere near as much as Helvetica and Univers. Thesis is widely noted among designers as a corporate type only because deGroot issues a modified version of it every time he is commissioned for a corporate job. I don't know how much Spiekermann knows about Easter European design, but in Poland, Romania, Czechia, and Russia it's not very likely that Helvetica will be replaced any time soon. Even in Western Europe, Helvetica and Univers will rule for a long time. BMW and Siemens just had their corporate identities revamped, the first with a new version of Helvetica and the second with a modified Univers. In Scandinavian countries, most major corporate identities still involve Helvetica and Univers. Futura is still huge in Europe as well, popular with banks and insurance companies. In North America it's Helvetica and Myriad, and it doesn't look like those two are about to let up anytime soon. All these new typefaces trying to bust the old types' heads still have a long way to go. It's like Pagemaker being a Quark-killer.

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file name: Sara Garcia Comparison Helvetica Univers Frutiger 2015

file name: Sara Garcia Comparison Helvetica Univers Frutiger 2015b

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