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Schriftgiesserei Flinsch [Heinrich Flinsch]

Foundry in Frankfurt am Main. House typefaces include Enge Antiqua (1859), Renaissance Kanzlei (also known as Antike Kanzlei), Verzierte Musirte Gotisch (ca. 1870, digitally revived by Gerhard Henzel), Flinsch-Germanisch (1876, blackletter by Karl Klimsch), Magere Kloster-Gotisch (ca. 1900), Neugotisch (1907), Universal-Gotisch (ca. 1900), Bernhard-Fraktur (1913, plus Extrafette), Dürer-Gotisch (ca. 1900), Flinsch-Fraktur, aka Frankfurter Fraktur (1911), Tages Antiqua (1915), Flinsch-Privat (1919, by Lucian Bernhard), Halbfette Schwabacher-Flinsch (which was used for titling in the Fehsenfeld editions of the Karl-May books; a digital revival at Gerhard Helzel's place), Breite halbfette Roemisch, Elzevier Initialen, Fette Mikado, Franconia, Jenson, Langschrift, Patent reclame, Reclame, Samson, and Victoria.

For digital revivals, see Edna Text (Reymund Schroeder, 2017).

Their Book of Type Specimens (1904) has 719 pages. An earlier book from 1899, Einundzwanzigstes Fortsetzungs-Heft 1899 has just 70 pages.

Schriftgiesserei Flinsch
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file name: Universal Gotisch 19thcentury

file name: Enge Antiqua Dreslersche Giesserei F Flinsch 1859

file name: F H Ehmcke Flinsch Ehmcke Antiqua 1909 Flinsch Logo

file name: Gerhard Helzel Verzierte Musierte Gotisch after Flinsch 1870

file name: Gerhard Helzel Verzierte Musierte Gotisch after Flinsch 1870b

file name: Gerhard Helzel Mediaeval Gotisch after Flinsch Psalter Gotisch G Krebs 18906

file name: Gerhard Helzel Halbfette Schwabacher Flinsch

file name: W Wegener Neugotisch 1903 Flinsch

file name: Flinsch Neu Gotisch 1908

file name: Flinsch Punkt Schmuck 1910

file name: J M Fleischmann Hollaendische Gotisch 1739 1760 Flinsch

file name: Lucian Bernhard Flinsch Bernhard Antiqua

file name: Flinsch Halbfette Frankfurter Fraktur

file name: Flinsch Renaissance Kanzlei also Antike Kanzlei

file name: Flinsch Breite Halbfette Roemisch

file name: Heinrich Flinsch Breite Kanzlei ca1830

file name: Reymund Schroeder Edna 2016b

file name: Reymund Schroeder Edna 2016

file name: Reymund Schroeder Edna Text 2017 after Schriftgiesserei Flinsch 1908

file name: Flinsch Duerer Gotisch

file name: Flinsch Elzevier Initialen

file name: Flinsch Fette Mikado

file name: Flinsch Franconia

file name: Flinsch Jenson

file name: Flinsch Langschrift

file name: Flinsch Magere Kloster Gotisch

file name: Flinsch Patent Reclame

file name: Tom Wallace Patent Reclame 2007 based on Schriftgiesserei Flinsch 1985

file name: Flinsch Reclame

file name: Flinsch Samson

file name: Flinsch Victoria

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