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EuroTeX 2003

The theme of EuroTeX 2003 was "Back to typography". This conference, masterfully organized by Yannis Haralambous, was held in Brest, France, from 24-27 June 2003. Pictures of Christian Paput, George Williams, Sivan Toledo, Thomas Milo and Jef Tombeur. Report by Jef Tombeur [navigate to August 29, 2003]. A proceedings will be published in 2005. Its contents:

  • Christian Paput: French typographic patrimony, conservation and teaching
  • Jacques André: The Cassetin project--- Towards an inventory of ancient types and the related standardised encoding
  • Apostolos Syropoulos: Replicating archaic documents: A typographic challenge
  • Azzeddine Lazrek: CurExt, typesetting variable-sized curved symbols
  • Vlad Atanasiu: Allographic biometrics and behavior synthesis
  • Ghassan Mourad: La virgule viendrait-elle de l'écriture arabe ?
  • Emmanuel Souchier: Quelques remarques sur le sens et la servitude de la typographie
  • Yves Maniette: Systeme automatise de co-redaction de livres
  • Isabelle Turcan, Viviane Berthelier: Ethique et edition scientifique d'ouvrages anciens sur support electronique
  • Yannis Haralambous, John Plaice: XLaTeX, a DTD/schema which is very close to LaTeX
  • Jose Grimm: Tralics, a LaTeX to XML translator
  • Simon Pepping: Docbook In ConTeXt, a ConTeXt XML mapping for Docbook documents
  • Ioannis Kanellos: Intertextualite et typographie numerique--- considerations semantiques sur le livre electronique
  • Ghassan Mourad: Nouveaux signes de lecture et d'écriture pour les documents electroniques
  • Marie-Louise Chaix, Fabrice Popineau: The XEMTeX project
  • Jerome Laurens: iTeXMac, an integrated TeX environment for Mac OSX
  • Balazs Vecsei: Description of knowledge of mathematical programs with TeX and XML
  • David Turner, Werner Lemberg: Real-time grid fitting of typographic outlines
  • Jean-Pierre Sutto, Pier Daniele Napolitani: L'utilisation du Mauro-TeX pour l'edition critique de Francesco Maurolico
  • Peter Szabo: Inserting external figures with GraphicP
  • Karel Horak: Geometric diversions with TeX, MF and MP
  • Frederic Boulanger: Printing digital photographs with LaTeX
  • David Kastrup: Output routine requirements for advanced typesetting tasks
  • Thomas Widmann: Bibulus---a Perl/XML replacement for BibTeX
  • Fabien Dagnat, Ronan Keryell, Laura Barrero Sastre, Emmanuel Donin de Rosiere, Nicolas Torneri: BibTeX++: Toward higher-order BibTeXing
  • Jean-Michel Hufflen: European bibliography styles and MlBibTeX
  • Petr Olsak: Second version of encTeX: UTF-499
  • Thomas Milo: ALI-BABA and the 40 Unicode characters---Towards the ideal Arabic working environment
  • John Plaice, Yannis Haralambous: Generating multiple outputs from OMEGA
  • B.V. Venkata Krishna Sastry: Enhanced font features for future multilingual digital typography with sound-script-language attribute integration
  • Gyongyi Bujdoso: Contemporary Hungarian types and designers
  • George Williams: Font creation with FontForge
  • Primoz Peterlin: The free UCS outline fonts project---An attempt to create a global font
  • Anish Mehta, Gabor Bella, Yannis Haralambous: Adapting OMEGA to OpenType fonts
  • Sivan Toledo, Zvika Rosenberg: Experience with OpenType Font Production
  • Serge Vakulenko: The METATYPE project: Creating TrueType fonts based on MF
  • Boguslaw Jackowski, Janusz Nowacki, Piotr Strzelczyk: Programming PS Typefonts using MetaTypeenhancing, creating
  • Wai Wong, Candy L.K. Yiu, Kelvin C.F. Ng: Typesetting rare Chinese characters in LaTeX
  • Luc Devroye: Formatting font formats
  • Jef Tombeur: Polices d'apprentissage de l'écriture
  • Jef Tombeur: Alphabets artificiels et synthetiques

EuroTeX 2003
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