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Laudon Type [Carolina Laudon]

Laudon Type Design is a one woman type studio dedicated to typography, type design and type education. Carolina Laudon is a Swedish typographer and type designer living in Gothenburg, Sweden. After art studies in Stockholm and London she finalized her MA in Graphic Design at the University of Goteborg in 2000. Since then she has worked in her own type studio, focusing on type design and typographic work. For seven years she was responsible for all typographic tutoring at the Konstfack University of Arts in Stockholm. She taught typography at the Forsberg School in Stockholm and Goteborg. She currently teaches at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm. In 2012, Carolina Laudon received The Berling Prize, Sweden's most prestigious typographic design-prize.

Her work includes some of the most used corporate typefaces in Sweden, like Monopol (for Systembolaget, the booze monopoly in Sweden), and DN Bodoni and DN Grotesk (2000-2002, together with Örjan Nordling, Pangea Design, for the Swedish daily morning paper Dagens Nyheter). Other clients include Volvo AB, Arla, White Architects, Insurance company If and design agency F&B Happy and Identity Works as well as ad agency F&B.

Her other typefaces include Endure (grungy sans), LTD Vichy (octagonal face), Laudon Stockholm Sans (unfinished), LTD Pamskrift (Victorian), LTD Handskrift (2001, a script font for the Scandinavian insurance company Försäkringsbolaget IF), LTD Shake, LTD Sthlm Sans, LTD Cartoon, White Dark (a shaded typeface for White Architects (2002)), LTD Cut (a 3d face), John Rounded (a fat marker font), Derome Sans, Gamlestadsstencil, and Länsförsäkringar Rubik.

Graduate of the TDi program at the University of Reading, UK, 2017.

In 2020, Carolina became president of ATypI. Her term lasts until 2022.

Laudon Type
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file name: Carolina Laudon Derome Sans

file name: Carolina Laudon Gamlestadsstencil

file name: Carolina Laudon John Rounded

file name: Carolina Laudon Lansforsakringar Rubik

file name: Carolina Laudon Pic 2020

file name: Carolina Laudon D N Bodoni 2000

file name: Carolina Laudon D N Grotesk 2000

file name: Carolina Laudon Endure

file name: Carolina Laudon Handskrift

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Cartoon

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Cut

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Pamscript

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Shake

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Sthlm Sans

file name: Carolina Laudon L T D Vichy

file name: Carolina Laudon Lettering 2013

file name: Carolina Laudon Monopol

file name: Carolina Laudon White Dark 2002

file name: A Typ I 2017 Henrique Nardi Caroline Laudon Yves Peters

file name: A Typ I 2017 Henrique Nardi Caroline Laudon Yves Peters

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