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Viktor Solt-Bittner

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Or just Viktor Solt. Born in 1970, Viktor lives in Vienna. He teaches typography and handwriting at the Joanneum in Graz, works in information design and advertising, and is involved in 3-D animation.

Designer of Voluta Script (Adobe, 1998), ITC Johann Sparkling (ITC, 1998: a calligraphic script face), ITC Ballerino (ITC, 1999, a great calligraphic script), Leander Script (2012, Adobe) and FF Danubia (2002, an extensive didone text family). All his work has strong calligraphic influences with energetic swashes, rough contours, and looping ascenders and descenders.

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Viktor Solt-Bittner
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file name: Adobe Voluta Script

file name: Viktor Solt I T C Ballerino 2004

file name: Viktor Solt Bittner I T C Johann Sparkling 1998

file name: Viktor Solt Bittner I T C Johann Sparkling 1998b

file name: Viktor Solt Bittner Leander Script 2012

file name: Viktor Solt Bittner Leander Script 2012b

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