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Zoltán Nagy

Hungarian type designer (1920-1998) (some pubs mention a birth date of 1921), who is responsible for most types in Hungary in the 20th century. He studied graphic arts at the Technical University of Budapest, and became chief engineer and art director at Elsö Magyar Betüöntöde. Author of Techniques of Type Design. He also engraved many postage stamps.

His typefaces consist of metal types done at EMB (Elsö Magyar Betüöntöde), a typefoundry in Budapest, and phototypes at VGC:

  • Antikva Margaret (1965, VGC), his most important work. This text family won a third place award at an ITC-sponsored competition in 1966.
  • Ecsetiras (1967, EMB).
  • Kirillitsa (1967, EMB). A heavy grotesk for Cyrillic.
  • Kalligrafia (1968, EMB).
  • Terentius (1961, EMB). An outlined shadow face.
  • Ungarische Grotesk (+breitfett) (1967, EMB). Aka Széles Groteszk (+kövér groteszk).
  • Reklam kurzív (1960, EMB), a signage script.
  • Katerina (1970). This typeface, slightly modified according to requirements of the Ministry, is used on Hungarian passports.
  • Later photo typefaces: Magdalena (1971), Gilgames (1972), Sznoett (1973), Unió (1975), Unio Grotesk (1981, Cyrillic), ITEX Linear (1984), Nexus (1984), Thomas (1984).

Digitizations of his typefaces:

  • ICG did a digital version of Antikva Margaret in 1992, also called Antikva Margaret.
  • In 2005, Ralph M. Unger digitized Ecsetiras at URW as FontForum URW Ecsetiras.
  • In 2011, another digital version of Antikva Margaret appeared, thanks to Nick Curtis, who created Olde Megrat NF.
  • Oszkár Boskovitz is working on the digitization of his oeuvre and has already completed the brush typeface Ecsetirás (2001).

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Zoltán Nagy
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file name: Zoltan Nagy Antikva Margaret 1966

file name: Zoltan Nagy Antikva Margaret 1966a

file name: I C G Antikva Margaret 1992

file name: Nick Curtis Olde Megrat N F 2011

file name: Ralph M Unger Profonts Ecsetiras 2001 after Zoltan Nagy 1967

file name: Zoltan Nagy Ecsetiras 1967

file name: Zoltan Nagy Ecsetiras 1967b

file name: Zoltan Nagy Hungary Stalinyec Tractor 2012

file name: Zoltan Nagy Katerina 1970

file name: Zoltan Nagy Katerina 1970b

file name: Zoltan Nagy Kirillitsa 1967

file name: Zoltan Nagy Reklam Kurziv 1960

file name: Zoltan Nagy Reklam Kurziv 1960b

file name: Zoltan Nagy Stamp of Hungary 1952

file name: Zoltan Nagy Ungarische Grotesk Breitfett 1967

file name: Zoltan Nagy Unio 1975

file name: Zoltan Nagy Pic

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