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Latin Modern fonts [Boguslaw Jackowski]

Boguslaw Jackowski, aka Jacko, writes about this large typeface family, developed from 2003-2009 by himself and J.M. Nowacki: The Latin Modern fonts are based on the Computer Modern fonts released into public domain by AMS (copyright (C) 1997 AMS). They contain a lot of additional characters, mainly accented ones, but not only. This family is free and in type 1 format. Developed by B. Jackowski&J. M. Nowacki thanks to Metatype. See also here. Font names: LMCaps10-Italic, LMCaps10-Regular, LMRoman10-Bold, LMRoman10-BoldItalic, LMRoman10-Italic, LMRoman10-Regular, LMRoman12-Bold, LMRoman12-Italic, LMRoman12-Regular, LMRoman17-Regular, LMRoman5-Bold, LMRoman5-Regular, LMRoman6-Bold, LMRoman6-Regular, LMRoman7-Bold, LMRoman7-Italic, LMRoman7-Regular, LMRoman8-Bold, LMRoman8-Italic, LMRoman8-Regular, LMRoman9-Bold, LMRoman9-Italic, LMRoman9-Regular, LMRomanDemi10-Italic, LMRomanDemi10-Regular, LMSans10-Bold, LMSans10-BoldItalic, LMSans10-Italic, LMSans10-Regular, LMSans12-Italic, LMSans12-Regular, LMSans17-Italic, LMSans17-Regular, LMSans8-Italic, LMSans8-Regular, LMSans9-Italic, LMSans9-Regular, LMSansDemiCond10-Italic, LMSansDemiCond10-Regular, LMSansQuotation8-Bold, LMSansQuotation8-BoldItalic, LMSansQuotation8-Italic, LMSansQuotation8-Regular, LMSlanted10-BoldItalic, LMSlanted10-Italic, LMSlanted12-Italic, LMSlanted8-Italic, LMSlanted9-Italic, LMTypewriter10-Italic, LMTypewriter10-Regular, LMTypewriter12-Regular, LMTypewriter8-Regular, LMTypewriter9-Regular, LMTypewriterCaps10-Regular, LMTypewriterSlanted10-Italic, LMTypewriterVarWd10-Italic, LMTypewriterVarWd10-Regular.

These 72 fonts were renamed lmb10, lmbo10, lmbx5, lmbx6, lmbx7, lmbx8, lmbx9, lmbx10, lmbx12, lmbxi10, lmbxo10, lmcsc10, lmcsco10, lmdunh10, lmduno10, lmr5, lmr6, lmr7, lmr8, lmr9, lmr10, lmr12, lmr17, lmri7, lmri8, lmri9, lmri10, lmri12, lmro8, lmro9, lmro10, lmro12, lmro17, lmss8, lmss9, lmss10, lmss12, lmss17, lmssbo10, lmssbx10, lmssdc10, lmssdo10, lmsso8, lmsso9, lmsso10, lmsso12, lmsso17, lmssq8, lmssqbo8, lmssqbx8, lmssqo8, lmtcsc10, lmtcso10, lmtk10, lmtko10, lmtl10, lmtlc10, lmtlco10, lmtlo10, lmtt8, lmtt9, lmtt10, lmtt12, lmtti10, lmtto10, lmu10, lmvtk10, lmvtko10, lmvtl10, lmvtlo10, lmvtt10, lmvtto10. In addition, there now 20 math fonts: lmbsy5, lmbsy7, lmbsy10, lmex10, lmmi5, lmmi6, lmmi7, lmmi8, lmmi9, lmmi10, lmmi12, lmmib5, lmmib7, lmmib10, lmsy5, lmsy6, lmsy7, lmsy8, lmsy9, lmsy10.

In 2013, they published one large opentype font, Latin Modern Math, which has as authors B. Jackowski, P. Strzelczyk and P. Pianowski.

Articles about the Latin Modern Fonts:

  • Boguslaw Jackowski and Janusz M. Nowacki. Latin Modern: Enhancing Computer Modern with accents, accents, accents. TUGboat, 24(1):64-74, 2003. See here.
  • Boguslaw Jackowski, Janusz M. Nowacki, and Piotr Strzelczyk. MetaType1: a METAP OST-based engine for generating Type 1 fonts. MAPS, 26:111-119, 2001. See here.
  • Boguslaw Jackowski, Janusz M. Nowacki, and Piotr Strzelczyk. Programming PS Type 1 fonts using MetaType1: Auditing, enhancing, creating. TUGboat, 24(3):575-581, 2003. See here.

Latin Modern fonts
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file name: B Jackowski J M Nowacki L M Roman10 Bold 2009

file name: Boguslaw Jackowski J M Nowacki Latin Modern Roman12 Bold 2003 2009

file name: Boguslaw Jackowski Piotr Strzelczyk Piotr Pianowski Latin Modern Math 2013

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