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Ludwig Sütterlin

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Berlin-based graphic designer (b. 1865, Lahr, d. 1917, Berlin) who in 1915-1917 invented the Sütterlin Schreibschrift, which was used to teach children handwriting. Various Sütterlin fonts can now be found on the web. It was introduced in the German schools starting between 1924 and 1934, and was used until 1941-1950, depending upon the region, when standard handwriting was taught. Scans: German writing style, Latin writing style, picture from 1914, the alphabet, another view, a practice book from a Berlin school, 1919, his own handwriting, how to hold the pen.

References: Marcus Hahn's course at the University of Saarland covers the Sütterlin Schrift. See also the 1983 essay by Wolfgang Hendlmeier: A, B, C, D, E. Anselm S. Bär wrote a brief biography in 1999.

Digital fonts for Sütterlin:

Author of Neuer Leitfaden für den Schreibunterricht (Albrecht-D&7uml;rer-Haus, Berlin, 1926).

Ludwig Sütterlin
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file name: Suetterlinschrift 2011

file name: Suetterlinschrift 2011

file name: Suetterlinschrift Schulheft 1929 Berlin Slg Ki Ju

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Suetterlin 1914 Delbanco2001

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Deutsche Schreibschrift1917 usedin Germanyfrom1935 1941

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Article By Anselm S Baer Dd S 1999 1

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Article By Anselm S Baer Dd S 1999 2

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin German Writing

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Hand

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Latin Writing

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Pic 1914

file name: Ludwig Suetterlin Writing Style

file name: Ludwig Sutterlin Sutterlin Schreibschrift 1915

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