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Mean Tangerine [Tyler Young]

Pixel foundry run by Santa Cruz, CA-based (was: Calgary, Alberta-based) designer Tyler Young. He writes about his Mean tangerine foundry: Mean Tangerine began in 2003, when founder Tyler Young recognized a need for fonts that would hold their shape in small sizes on screen. Running an online motocross/supercross magazine at the time, he found himself wanting all the selection of traditional PostScript type but within the pixel font world. Without many options, Young began designing his own fonts by hand, translating his designs into published fonts. Mean Tangerine was named for one of his favorite childhood songs by the Beatles, "Savoy Truffle"

His typefaces include the kitchen tile pixel typeface Trixie&Blinker (2004, pixel versions of kitchen tile letters), the pixel typeface Slim (2006, very readable!), the pixel typeface Minus (2005), the dot matrix family Soda (2005), the pixel typeface Consist, the pixel typeface Tex Standard 7 (2007), the script pixel typeface Katie (2005), the futuristic display typefaces Flipper (2004), Atom (2003), Nuetron (2003, "inspired by Andreas Lindholm's industrial work"), the pixel typefaces Fredman (2004), Checker (2004), Belleville (2004), Errata Properus (2003), Dorothy (2003), Dope (2004, pixel font), Khaki (2004, pixel family), Commence (2004, pixel family), Biceps (2004, pixel family) and Rolos ( (2002-2003), Shale Modern (2003, pixel face), Arc Classic, Astromo 2017, Chip Classic, Chip Modern, Astromo 2018, Biceps, Bri++LeModern, Celophane Classic, Chain, Chain Unicase, Chaos, Clarus, Clarus even, Clarus Hi, Clarus Lo, Cursor, Disclosure, Dope Classic, Dope Short, Dorothy, Electron Classic, Gumdrop Bubble (2002-2003), Ice Classic, Montessa, Money Narrow, Resolution, Roma, Roma Mini, Screen Sans, Screen serif, Sheriff's Girl Tight, Troy, and Raster (2004).

He also runs Tyler Young Creative, an impossible site that does not display at all on my browser. Behance link. Their 142-font library can be had for 100 dollars. Elsewhere, we read that he is located in Santa Cruz, CA.

Mean Tangerine
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file name: Tyler Young Gumdrop Bubble 2002

file name: Tyler Young Rolos 2002

file name: Tyler Young Shale Modern 2002

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