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Patent Type Foundry (or: P.M. Shanks&Co, or P.M. Shanks and Sons)

[P.M. Shanks]

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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P.M. Shanks&Co, or the Patent Type Foundry was based in 31 Red Lion Square in London. The foundry was started 1855 by John Huffam King. It was renamed Patent Type-Founding Company in 1857. The foundry purchased a Johnson automatic typecasting machine in 1873. Known as P.M. Shanks & Co. from 1881 and finally as P.M. Shanks and Sons, Ltd. until its merger with Stevens to form Stevens, Shanks & Sons Ltd. Its Epitome Specimen Book of Printing Types Manufactured by the Patent Type Foundry (1890) offers little help--no full type showings, and no grand designs. The name "siderographic" caught my eye---they used it to name ornate and ornamental headline type. For example, Siderographic Ornate is from 1872. Scan of the Edwardian typeface Pretorian.

Digital versions of Pretorian include Pretorian DT (1992, Ron Carpenter and Malcolm Wooden), OPTI Pretoria (by Castcraft), and Vivian (Dieter Steffmann).

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Foundries of the 19th century ⦿ Type design in the United Kingdom ⦿

file name: Dieter Steffmann Vivian Regular

file name: Ron Carpenter Malcolm Wooden Pretorian D T 1992

file name: P M Shanks Sons Patent Type Foundry Pretorian

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