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MDTA Design -- Green Dragon [Éamonn Hanratty]

MDTA Design, and in some cases MDTA together with Green Dragon, created these fonts, all related to British or Irish TV stations and their logos: BBCStripedChannelLogos, BBCTVChannelLogos, ITA-IBALogos, ITVNetworkChannels, Sky Television Logos, SKYfontbrands, SKYfontmovies, SKYfontnews, SKYfontone, SKYfontsport, SKYfonttravel, SKYfontThick, Sky1998ChannelLogos, SkyTVChannelLogos, UKDigitalTVChannelLogos, IrishRTVLogos, SkywardBold, SkywardRegular, Terrestrial Television Logos, UKtvFamilyLogos, UKTV Channel Logos, UK-&-Ireland-RTV-21, WelshTVLogos. The SKYfont family is originally by Martin Anderson. The web site states: "It all began in the year 2000 with the release of the original and ground-breaking TV Logos TrueType Font by its creator Andrew Wood. Ever since, it has become the inspiration for many other TrueType Font creators who have an abiding passion for television presentation, history and heritage to follow in their footsteps. The brainchild for the Green Dragon catalogue is Éamonn Hanratty. He has already compiled a comprehensive history of the television logos which have been used in the Republic of Ireland, from 1961 up until the present day. The title "Green Dragon" comes from the fact that Éamonn is the son of an Irishman and a Welsh mother. Born in 1963, he comes from Swansea, in Wales. As well as taking Andrew Wood for his inspiration, Éamonn also wishes to gratefully acknowledge the outstanding and progressive work in this field which Martin Anderson of England, Ray Larabie of the U.S.A., Rupert ten Hove of the Netherlands and so many others have been and are continuing so to do: that is, to present a growing range of non-commercial and freely available TrueType Fonts for private use." Apparently they also made Hylian Symbols, but I think that is a mistake by the people at DaFONT. Corporate text fonts: Sky Movie Sans, Sky Corporate Font, LIVINGtv Font, Telewest Voice, E4 Headline Font, uktv Home Font.

MDTA Design -- Green Dragon
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