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Dante and its alternatives

Discussion on Typophile regarding Dante. Noteworthy is that John Dreyfus published an article entitled "The Dante Types" in 1985 (see Fine Print). A summary of comments:

  • Monotype Dante (digital version).
  • Dante's digital version by Stamperia Valdonega in Verona, now run my Giovanni Mardersteig's son, Martino: John Hudson writes This is really splendid, has a range of optical sizes, and is much superior to the Monotype version. Also, it is based on the foundry metal original, not Monotype's hot metal version. It is not available for license.
  • About the related Monotype Centaur and Bembo, Gerald Lange writes: While quite beautiful and desireable typeface designs, as a pressman I found them to be tragically flawed. The bar on the lowercase e is quite weak and erodes quickly with repeated impression. I always bought plenty of e sorts because of that. The digital versions however, hold up well when printed with the photopolymer plate process. [...] I've always favored [Monotype] Dante over [Monotype] Bembo. The Bembo was an earlier digital issue and may very well have been based on the photofilm version of Bembo rather than the metal. The Dante however, which was a much later release, was based on the metal patterns. At least that is what I recall. [...] You might also look into Pastonchi. When Monotype released it they put out an amazing prospectus which included samples of Marderstieg's work with it. When Monotype Typography released the digital version (I believe it was their last before they merged with Agfa), it was a direct replication of the metal. See here for an article by Lange on Monotype Dante.

Dante and its alternatives
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file name: Monotype Centaur M T Pro after Bruce Rogers 1912 1914 Poster by Addalee Carter 2016

file name: Nicolas Jenson Bruce Rogers Frederic Warde Monotype Centaur 1928 1930

file name: Nicolas Jenson Bruce Rogers Frederic Warde Monotype Centaur Bold 1928 1930

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file name: Robin Nicholas Pastonchi M T Regular 2011

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