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Xaviera Comics [Vic Fieger]

American graphic designer (b. 1982) located in Medway, MA, who has created many free fonts, and some low cost commercial fonts. He is also known for his web comic, Dubmarine. Until 2006, all his fonts were free, but starting in 2006, he started selling them via MyFonts.

In 2004, he created Airstrip Four, AlphaEcho, Boston Traffic (a freestencil typeface), Breakaway, CarbonType (old typewriter), Corporate HQ, DataControl (nice octagonal face), DataControlUnifon, Delta Echo, Eurocentric, FormerAirline, GangofThree (oriental simulation), Helsinki (comic book font), IonicCharge (LCD simulation), JamPact, KarmaticArcade, KnowYourProduct (stencil), LandSpeedRecord, MajorSnafu (stencil; Major Snafu Pro (2012) is a cooperation with Cheap Pro Fonts), NervousRex, Osaka-SansSerif (techno), PillboxOpaque (dripping blood face), QuickEndJerk, Refrigeration, SiameseKatsong, Tetroserbogia, Umbrage, Virgo01, Whitehall1212, Xenophone (+Pro version in 2011), Yukarimobile, ZonaArmada. In 2005, he designed FrauleinUnifon, Fraulein, Fraulain II, Fraulein Hex, NukuNuku (oriental simulation face), OffshoreBankingBusiness, PlannedObsolescence, TerryScript, Wunderbar, YachtingType, Zero&Zero-Is, Xerography, FrauleinHex, ICBMSS20, ICBMSS25 (stencil typefaces), Hydrogen Type, Gumbercules, Kremlin (Cyrillic letter simulation; followed in 2010 and 2014 by Kremlin Pro and Kremlin II Pro at CheapProFonts), Johnny Homicide, Lilac Malaria, Motorway, Offshore Banking Business, Planned Obsolescence, Nuku Nuku Paradiso (Asian simulation), Quadrophonic, Ruth Script, Shoplifter (ransom note font), Under Influence (scratchy face), Viva Allende, KarmaticRevolution (with Mike "Karma" Alkire), RanmorianStd-B (artificial language script) and Ex (kana).

His 2006 additions, still free: Big in America, Maxine Script, Gisele Script, Siamese Katsong (oriental simulation), Pokopen, Grecian Formula (Greek simulation), Edo (brush; this became Edo Pro in 2010), Armalite Rifle (grunge stencil; a Pro version followed in 2010), Ruth Script, Terry Script, Oil Age Heiroglyphs (grunge), Nyamomobile (gorgeous futuristic stencil face), Q-Bert's Funeral, Xtreme Chrome, Fawn Script, Ukiah Caps (a hip all caps face), Banzai (fake Japanese), 106 Beats That, Azudings1, Fawn Script, Freelance Kamchatka, and Daisy Script.

Commercial fonts: Sixpak (2008, pixel face), Jaipur (2007, Indic script simulation), Santa Mensch (2006, brush face), Celonius Mark XIX (2006 geometric design), Argon Type (2006, futuristic), India Echo (2007, futuristic), How to Consume Oxygen (2007, grunge), Statue Of Liberty's Underwear (2007, Russian constructivist style), Moon Corps (2007, katakana), Underwood Champion (2008, free distressed typewriter), Heavy Data (2008, a computer simulation face). Perlmutter (2008) is a Hebrew and Yiddish font designed for the purpose of legibility at great distance (included are niqqud, letters with dagesh, punctuation, sheqel sign, and aleph-lamed ligature). In 2009, he created Edifice Wrecks (graffiti), Damon Script (comic book face) and Maritime Flags and Curses (dingbat face). Fonts made in 2010: Single Sleeve. In 2015, he created Extended Play.

Fonts at FontStruct in 2009: Newhome (LED simulation).

Free fonts made in 2011: Death to Smudgey (grunge), Lino Chisel (2011).

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Xaviera Comics
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file name: Vic Fieger Xaviera Comics Boston Traffic 2004

file name: Vic Fieger Helsinki 2004

file name: Vic Fieger Underwood Champion 2008

file name: Vic Fieger Lino Chisel 2011

file name: Vic Fieger Lino Chisel 2011b

file name: Vic Fieger Xenophone Pro 2004 2011

file name: Vic Fieger Extended Play 2015

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Major Snafu Pro 2012

file name: Vic Fieger Grecian Formula 2011

file name: Vic Fieger Siamese Katsong Pro 2011

file name: Vic Fieger Gang Of Three

file name: Vic Fieger Armalite Rifle Pro 2010

file name: Vic Fieger Argon Type 2006

file name: Vic Fieger Motorway 2005

file name: Vic Fieger Celonius Mark X I X 2006

file name: Vic Fieger Carbontype

file name: Vic Fieger Edo 2006

file name: Vic Fieger Santa Mensch 2010

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin I I Pro 2014

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin I I Pro 2014b

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin I I Pro 2014c

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin I I Pro 2014d

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin Pro 2014

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin Pro 2014c

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin Pro Inline 2014

file name: Vic Fieger Roger S Nelsson Kremlin Pro Soft 2014

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