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Miguel Sousa

Miguel Sousa is a Portuguese graphic designer with a big interest in Typography and Typeface Design. After completing his five-year degree in Technology and Graphic Arts from the Instituto Politécnico de Tomar in 2002, he worked for the children's books publisher O Bichinho de Conto for one year, as a graphic designer, typographic designer, book designer, web designer and web developer. Before going to Reading he also worked in MBV Design as a graphic designer, web designer and web programmer.

He graduated from the Master of Arts in Typeface Design programme at the University of Reading, where he developed text typeface named Calouste with extensive support for the Latin and Armenian scripts. Calouste (2005) won an award at TDC2 2006.

In April 2006, he joined Adobe's type development department. He had a hand in these Gerard Unger fonts in 2006, custom produced for the University of Reading: RdgSwift-Bold, RdgSwift-BoldItalic, RdgSwift-Italic, RdgSwift-Regular, RdgVesta-Bold, RdgVesta-BoldItalic, RdgVesta-Italic, RdgVesta.

In 2013, he created the beautiful typeface Gothic Round (Hamilton Wood Type): After Hamilton bought out Page, Wells and Morgans & Wilcox, they briefly offered the various cuts from their former competitors before standardizing. In settling on which version would best inform this new digitization, designer Miguel Sousa of Adobe looked at specimens from the Newberry Library in Chicago as well as visiting and printing at the WNY Book Arts Center and of course the Hamilton Wood Type Museum to get a full immersion into this font project. Ultimately it was settled upon to use exemplars from multiple cuts to create a more pleasing hybrid. The Upper case was primarily based on the Heber Wells version, while the lower case referenced the Wm. Page version. Overall some of the most jarring quirks found in various versions were left out in favor of a solid type.

Miguel Sousa
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file name: T D C2006 Miguel Sousa Calouste

file name: Miguel Sousa Gothic Round 2013 sources

file name: Miguel Sousa Gothic Round 2013

file name: Miguel Sousa Gothic Round 2013b

file name: Miguel Sousa Gothic Round 2013c

file name: Miguel Sousa Gothic Round 2013d

file name: A Typ I2015 Miguel Sousa Henrique Nardi Photo by Luke Garcia Andre Hawk

file name: A Typ I2015 Miguel Sousa Photo by Luke Garcia Andre Hawk

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