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Lex Kominek

Calgary-based designer of Naranja (2005), an experimental typeface built up of quarter circles and L-brackets. Its dingbats are inspired by Clockwork Orange. Faces made with FontStruct in 2008: Robot Builder (Solid, Shaded and Open: squarish typefaces), Polygonal Lasso (Far West type: 938 glyphs for Latin, Latin Extended A & B, Greek, Cyrillic, and Katakana), Marshmallow Script (based on Einhorn, Eclat, Deftone Stylus, and Magneto, all connected diner scripts), Crazy Eights (deck of cards), Ficus Stencil (+Compressed, +Condensed, +Extended, +Regular, +Zebra, +StencilOpen), Big Fat (+Vibrate, +Solid, +Shaded), Negatron (Regular, Solid and Fill), Tuscan Radar, Nuclear Depot Americum (495 glyphs consisting of stars), Nuclear Depot (Radioum, Neptunium, Plutonium, Uranium: a futuristic family that covers Cyrillic), Am I see are you pee see, eh? (a font that combines MICR with UPC-A). The links: big_fat_shaded, crazy_eights, ficus_stencil_compressed, ficus_stencil_condensed, marshmallow_script, negatron_fill, negatron_regular, negatron_solid, serpent_like_bold, tuscan_radar.

2009 creations: Haemophobe (pixel), Star Wreck, Mouthcaster (a bilined typeface based on the lettering on the front of the 1978 edition of the Scoutmaster's Handbook), Pasta (white on black), Medical Station Alpha (techno), Disco Stud (Chrome, Solid, Chrome Oblique, Solid Oblique), Affix, Infix (experimental and minimalist), Pinball Blizzard, Tears in Rain (a simplistic textura), Five Minute Hair Colour (slab serif), Seg Sixteen (LED face), Trajedy (pixel), Nobody 8 Italic (pixel), Home Sweet Home (a cross-stitch font), Wotan, Tiki Deaky, Writetyper, Chromatose (shadow family), Chocobot (an octagonal family containing Dark, Stacked (multilined), Milk, White), Big Fat (Shaded, Vibrate, Solid).

2010 creations: Fungal Sharp, Fungal Rounded (described by himself as a unicase stovepipe sans), Elliptical Lasso (Western ornamental caps), Astral Projection (a dot matrix typeface that updates Astra, a Letraset font designed by François Robert and Natacha Falda in 1973), Brick-block tops (3d effect), Knots, Spacerock (an extensive arc-based geometric family), Telephone (counterless), Pixular, StarWreck the Next Generation, Hockey Club, Brick-Block Tops, Bubblemania, Ziabelle Remix (outline, 3d, shaded), Hextone, Falcone (robotic face), but I didn't Trap the Deputy (Egyptian), Dinosaur Gothic.

Fonts from 2011: Apé'ritif (bilined), Csillagok (a futuristic face based on a Hungarian Star Wars poster), Valhalla (faux runic), Birodalom, Haboruja, Piezo, Felix (black art deco face).

Typefaces from 2013: Portafina, Portofino.

Typefaces from 2014: Hanz and Franz, McRasky (a MICR font), Apricpt, Classic Spacerock, Five Minute Hair Colour.

Typefaces from 2015: Big Fat Shaded Neue, Rampy, Managrom (monogram font), Spagett (connected cursive script).

Lex Kominek
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file name: Lex Kominek Felix 2011

file name: Lex Kominek Piezo 2011

file name: Alexander Kominek Hans And Franz 2014

file name: Alexander Kominek Big Fat Shaded Neue 2015

file name: Alexander Kominek Spagett 2015

file name: Lex Kominek Dinosaur Gothic 2010

file name: Lex Kominek Dinosaur Gothic 2010

file name: Lex Kominek Mouthcaster 2009c

file name: Lex Kominek Haboruja 2011

file name: Lex Kominek Csillagok 2011

file name: Lex Kominek Csillagok 2011b

file name: Lex Kominek Bubblemania 2010

file name: Lex Kominek Fungal Rounded 2009

file name: Lex Kominek Ziabelle Remix 2010

file name: Lex Kominek Elliptical Lasso 2010

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