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Business Software Alliance: eight golden rules for font software licensing

The BSA's golden rules for font software licensing are:

  1. Font software is licensed, not purchased. You license font software for limited use from the type designer or font software publisher that supplies it.
  2. The licence is granted in the form of an End User Licence Agreement (EULA) according to the number of computers the font software is installed on. Licensing terms vary depending on the font software publisher, so check carefully.
  3. Most font software EULAs do not allow you to make copies of, or distribute font software to another organisation or individual who does not have their own licence to use it. This, for example, includes service bureaux, design agencies, PR companies, advertising agencies and printers. In summary, anyone using font software must have a licence.
  4. Most font publishers allow users to embed font software into documents, but only for previewing and printing. Most font publishers do not allow a document containing an embedded font to be edited.
  5. Most font software publishers will allow users to create static images from font software (such as a GIF file used as a web banner).
  6. Most font software publishers will not allow their software to be modified in any way without permission from the publisher.
  7. Your company will be liable if you lend or give font software to others to use without a licence.
  8. If you have any doubts about your company's licensing position, please contact your font supplier or publisher.
While I understand that FontLab and Fontographer are font software, I fail to see how fonts are "font software". It is a pairing of terms that is forced upon the public. It should be corrected to "font data".

Business Software Alliance: eight golden rules for font software licensing
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