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Odd Einar Haugen

Odd Einar Haugen (b. 1954) is professor of Old Norse Philology (norrøn filologi) at the University of Bergen, Norway. He was born and grew up in Lunde, Telemark, but moved to Bergen in 1973 when he began his studies at the university. He obtained his PhD from that university in 1992 and became professor there in 1993. At the Department of Scandinavian languages and literature at the University of Bergen, Norway, he maintained interesting pages on rune fonts. He wrote: The two Rune fonts, Gullskoen and Eggja cover the Viking age and younger Scandinavian Runes (Gullskoen) and the older 24 rune Germanic Futhark + the Anglo Saxon runes (Eggja). Both fonts will be available as Postscript fonts and as TrueType fonts, and both will be available for Apple's Macintosh and for MS Windows. His typefaces:

  • Gullskoen (1996). The font Gullskoen contains approx. 150 characters from the younger rune alphabet: the main forms and some variants of the long twig runes, the short twig runes, the staveless runes, and the Nordic medieval runes (including forms from Gotland, Iceland, and Greenland). The font does not represent a single futhark, but contains runic forms from a wide geographical area and from a period of several hundred years. The largest number of variants are Norwegian. ullskoen is named after one of the buildings on the wharf (Bryggen) in Bergen. After the fire in 1955, a large number of inscriptions in the younger runes were found in the grounds here.
  • Gullhornet (2001). The font Gullhornet contains 109 characters from the older rune alphabet, both common Germanic runes and Anglo-Saxon and Frisian ones. In addition to the approx. 40 standard characters in these futharks there are approx. 60 variants and 9 signs for punctuation and diacritical marks. Gullhornet is named after one of the best known Danish inscriptions in the older runes, found in 1734, later stolen and lost, but documented through drawings and copies.

Odd Einar Haugen
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file name: Odd Einar Haugen Gullhornet 2001

file name: Odd Einar Haugen Gullskoen 1996

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