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Kamal Mansour

Kamal Mansour, educated in Cairo, used to run Kappa Type in Palo Alto, CA, and was involved in software, fonts and keyboards for some languages. Thereafter, he joined Monotype in 1996 where he is now involved in OpenType implementations for various scripts including Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew. At Monotype, from his base in Los Altos, CA, his responsibilities includes growing the library of non-Latin scripts, investigating potential products, in-house consulting, as well as assisting customers with font specifications.

He spoke at ATypI 2005 in Helsinki on Nastaliq style through open type, about which he writes: Designed by Pakistani calligrapher Mirza Jamil, Noori Nastaliq is a calligraphic Urdu script typeface originally devised for use on a Monotype imagesetter in the 1970s. Once this proprietary equipment became obsolete, Noori Nastaliq could not be readily implemented for many years with the digital technology at the time. With the advent and maturation of OpenType technology, Noori Nastaliq is once again alive. In spite of the many graphic complexities of Nastaliq style such as its oblique alignment to the baseline and its cursive connections, OpenType proved sufficient for the task.

In 2015, Patrick Giasson and Kamal Mansour co-designed the Arabic script typeface Bustani at Monotype. Bustani is the first OpenType font to offer full classical Naskh contextual shaping. It covers Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. Bustani won an award at TDC 2016.

Speaker at TypeCon 2012 in Milwaukee and at ATypI 2015 in Sao Paulo.

Kamal Mansour
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