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Norstedt Tryckeri [Per Adolf Norstedt]

Stockholm-based foundry, est. by P.A. Norstedt. The managers of the type foundry include C. and J. Riis (Denmark) (1817, under Lindh--1849, under Norstedt), Thomas Christian Ebbesen (1849-1869), Axel Kock (1869-1920s), Ernst Jonasson (1920s-1950), and Rune Wennborn (1950-1980). A timeline:

  • 1821: Per Adolf Norstedt, a magistrate in Örebro, acquires Johan Pehr Lindh's business in Stockholm, and founds P.A. Norstedt & Söner in Stockholm in 1823. Lindh had been typefounding since 1816 at Mariedal outside Stockholm, and continued on until 1832, when it was amalgamated with the Norstedt printing works at No. 6 Riddarholmen, where Norstedt remained until it closed down. In the 19th century, many German and French matrices were imported, but after that, Norstedt became self-sufficient.
  • 1833: Norstedt became Printer to the King. Because of this, the business boomed and expanded.
  • 1846: Acquisition of Lars Johan Hierta's Stockholm type foundry.
  • 1916: Art historian and designer Akke Kumlien joins Norstedt, and will remain art director until the 1950s.
  • 1950s: Karl-Erik Forsberg, whose type designs include Berling Antikva, the first entirely Swedish typeface since van Selow's in the XVIIth century, becomes art director.
  • 1973: Norstedt closes down. Esselte Norstedt donated its entire collection of matrices in 1973 to the Nordiska Museet in Stockholm.
  • 1983: Publication of Type Studies The Norstedt Collection of Matrices in the Type foundry of the Royal Printing Office (Norstedt Tryckeri, Stockholm, 1983), by Christian Axel-Nilsson. This book details all metal typefaces in the collection of the Norstedt foundry.
From the Norstedt collection: Roessjor, Cicero Pragisk Fraktur No. 4, Cicero Fraktur No. 5, Cicero Fraktur No. 7, Cicero Fraktur No. 9, Korpus Gammal Schwabach, Cicero Gammal Schwabach, Hiertas Mittel Antikva No.1, NS89a, Grov Mittel Antikva, Mittel Antikva, Text Antikva, Text Antikva, Mittel Utsirade Versaler (ca. 1750), Mittel Utsirade Versaler (ca. 1750).

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file name: Norstedt N S026 Roessjor

file name: Norstedt N S317 Cicero Pragisk Fraktur Nr4

file name: Norstedt N S323 Cicero Fraktur Nr5

file name: Norstedt N S329 Cicero Fraktur Nr7

file name: Norstedt N S332 Cicero Fraktur Nr9

file name: Norstedt N S474 Korpus Gammal Schwabach

file name: Norstedt N S479 Cicero Gammal Schwabach

file name: Norstedt N S95 Hiertas Mittel Antikva No1 ca1800

file name: Norstedt N S89a

file name: Norstedt N S92 Grov Mittel Antikva

file name: Norstedt N S94 Mittel Antikva

file name: Norstedt N S100 Text Antikva

file name: Norstedt N S98 Text Antikva ca1660

file name: Norstedt N S290 Mittel Utsirade Versaler ca1750

file name: Norstedt N S290 Mittel Utsirade Versaler ca1750b

file name: P A Norstedt Portrait 1823

file name: P A Norstedt Portrait 1823

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