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WC Fonts [Christophe Féray]

WC Fonts is run by Christophe Féray, and is located in Avignon, Lyon and Nantes. He is the designer of WC Pixhole Beta (2012), WC Pixhole Thin Beta (2012, dot matrix face), WC Zyzi Bta (2011, sexual devices), WC Musica Bta (2009, instrumental dingbats), WC Big Black (2009, T-26), WC Speed Bta (2008), WC XXXplicit Bta (2008, dildos and sex toy dingbats), WC Sold Out A Bta (2007, dingbats), WC Sold Out B bta (2008, more nice dingbats), WC Wunderbach Spider Bta (2005, brush script), WC Wunderbach Bta (2005, stencil), WC Wunderbach Wimpern (2006, scary), WC Wunderbach Perfo Bta (2006), WC Wunderbach Rough Bta (2006), WC Mano Negra Bta (2005, handwriting), WC Marseillaise (2005, handwriting), WC Sold Out Bta (2005), WCSoldOutEBta (2010, dingbats), WC Rhesus B Bta (2007, ink blots), WC Rhesus C 1Bta (2007), WC Rhesus C 2Bta (2007), WC Fetish Bta (2006, female shoe dingbats), WC_AquaBlues (2006, LED simulation), and the grunge typefaces WC Rough Trad Bta (2005: a sketch font), WC Rhesus Beta (2006, ink spill dingbat face), WC Wunderbach Mix Bta (2007, grunge) and WC Addendum Bta (2005, grunge).

Dafont link. Wunderbach Weiß (2008, stencil font used by the Germans in the catacombs of Paris) abd Wunderbach Paint (2006) are free fonts at Chank. Fontsquirrel link. Fontspace link. Atypeek Design link.

In 2011, he went partially commercial via T26, where one can buy Big Black (2011) and La Marseillaise Xtra (2011).

In 2012, he made WC Pixhole Light (dot matrix).

Typefaces from 2015: WC Schlaass, WC Slaassch (dingbats). Abstract Fonts link.

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file name: Christophe Feray Catalog 2012

file name: Christophe Feray Catalog 2012b

file name: Christophe Feray Catalog 2012c

file name: Christophe Feray W C Rough Trad 2006

file name: Christophe Feray W C Zyzi Bta 2011

file name: W C W C Mano

file name: W C W C Sold Out

file name: Christophe Feray W C Schlaass 2015

file name: Christophe Feray W C Schlaassch 2015

file name: Christophe Feray W C Musica Bta 2010

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