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Schriftenpaket Osteuropa and the Hemming murder

Schriftenpaket Osteuropa is a CD of 245 fonts sold mainly in Germany. Each font is a renamed Adobe Font Folio font. The fonts were "made" by the Hemming company, that is, the copyright notices were all changed to Mon Ami 1994, and the fonts were renamed in a predictable manner: Arial became Adorea, Courier is Cora, Futura is Fulv, Eurostile became Europa, Gill Sans is Gisela, and so forth. Thirdly, Hemming insured that all diacritics for East-European languages were available. Ulrich Stiehl, the consummate font detective, collected all Adobe name equivalences in this PDF file. The "Firma Hemming" (later renamed Hemming AG) was founded in 1989 by Olaf Hemming in Landau (Pfalz, Germany). The Schriftenpaket Osteuropa CD went to market in 1994. Olaf Hemming (b. 1967 or 1968) was murdered in May 2001. His handcuffed body was found near Andenne in Belgium. His Audi was found on highway A27 in Polleur, Belgium. Hans-Joachim Ulrich and Ralf Wetzel took over the company. In 2002, his company went bankrupt and was officially liquidated in 2003. The public prosecutor in Landau may have placed copyright charges against the two men (but the internet source for this is not 100% reliable). In 2003, the murder trial of Olaf Hemming took place. We learned that he was killed by a 22-year old German woman who was born in Madagascar. She had been influenced by a 48-year old sectarian (Indian/Islamic) partner who forced her into drugs and prostitution. She also murdered someone else and was accused of two attempted murders as well. The following stores (and probably others too) still sell the CD: Pearl, Multi-Media-Schnäppchen (owned by Daniel Grigat, 51588 Nuembrecht), and Schütz Neue Medien GmbH.

Schriftenpaket Osteuropa and the Hemming murder
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