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Profonts [Peter Rosenfeld]

Profonts is Peter Rosenfeld's German foundry in Norderstedt near Hamburg, est. 2005, and closely associated with URW++. Dr. Jürgen Willrodt is the other cofounder. The in-house designers as of 2013 are Volker Schnebel, Ralph M. Unger, Jörn Oelsner and Ivana Koudelkova.

Typefaces include Frau Becker (2011, hand-printed typeface by Daniel Henry Bastian and Volker Schnebel), Gallegos Pro (2011, a classic pen-drawn uopright script family), Manuskript Antiqua (2010, an angular Czech design), Charade (2009, psychedelic era style family), Balladeer (2009, formal script with imperfect connections), HH Sonora (2005, comic book or signpainting style script) and HH Valentine (2005, formal script). Link at MyFonts, where one can buy these script fonts: Adagio Pro (2006, a copperplate wedding script by Karl Krauß), Sonora (2005), Eurobrush Pro (2007, by Ralph M. Unger), Euroscript Pro (2006, a school script by by Ralph M. Unger), Civilite (2008), Ballerina Pro (2006), Laredo Pro (2010), Arabella Pro (2006, a calligraphic script typeface sold at URW; Arabella was originally designed by Arnold Drescher around 1936/1939 for Johannes Wagner), Chaweng (2006, an oriental simulation typeface by Ralph M. Unger) and Laramie Pro (2006, a free form script family).

In 2007, the Montauk Pro family of casual (comic book style) scripts was added, despite the fact that there already exists a similarly named script font since 1992 made by Sylvester A. Cypress. It can be had from URW.

Other 2007 designs: Iova Nova (based on Jowa Script by J. Wagner, 1967), Concerto and Sonata Pro (calligraphic scripts, co-designed with Jürgen Willrodt), Symphony Pro (calligraphic with lots of alternates; for a knock-off, see Opti Sybaris, Castcraft, 1990-1991), and Veltro Pro (based on a 1931 Nebiolo design by that name).

Designs from 2008: the signage family Santa Fe, the connected monoline script typeface Energia Pro (by Ralph Unger), and the blackletter typeface Peter Schlemihl (by Ralph Unger).

Designs from 2011: Northport (a casual upright non-connecting script face).

About Rosenfeld, taken from his CV: Peter Rosenfeld started, after finishing his business studies in 1980, his first position in the font production department at Dr. Hell in Kiel, a once well-known company in the area of CRT/laser composing and scanning systems. It was there where he first got in touch with digital type, (still in bitmap form at that time). Peter joined URW in Hamburg in 1982 and a little later he became the manager of the URW font studio. He says, 'All I am in this small font business, and all I know about font technology, I owe to Peter Karow. I had the luck to work very closely for and with this visioneer and pioneer of our industry for more than a decade.' Roughly ten years later Peter became Managing Director of URW++ and the company has established itself in the graphic design industry by continually developing and marketing innovative font and software products. URW++ is particularly successful in the area of corporate type development and production, as well as a supplier of so-called world or global fonts for OEM customers.

Speaker at ATypI 2011 in Reykjavik. Behance link.

Showcase of the most popular Profonts typefaces. View all Profonts typefaces.

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file name: Profonts Gallegos Pro Medium 2011

file name: Profonts Gallegos Pro 2011b

file name: Profonts Gallegos Pro 2011c

file name: Profonts Gallegos Pro 2011d

file name: Profonts Gallegos Pro 2011e

file name: Profonts Balladeer 2009

file name: Profonts Balladeer 2009a

file name: Profonts Ballerina Pro

file name: Profonts Profonts Charade 2009

file name: Profonts Profonts Charade 2009 poster by Kenji Enos 2018

file name: Profonts Profonts Charade 2009b

file name: Profonts U R W Laramie Pro 2006

file name: Profonts Sonora Pro 2005

file name: Profonts Sonora Pro 2005b

file name: Profonts Sonora Pro Light 2005

file name: Castcraft Opti Sybaris 1990 1991 after U R W Symphony Pro

file name: Castcraft Opti Sybaris 1990 1991 after U R W Symphony Pro

file name: Profonts Manuskript Antiqua 2010

file name: Profonts Laredo Pro 2010

file name: Pic Foto 20 Peter 20 Rosenfeld 20a

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