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Frutiger and Segoe

Bill Troop comments on Microsoft's copy of Frutiger, called Segoe. Excerpts: This masterpiece of fidelity is so hard to distinguish from Frutiger that, as we learnt in the EU ruling today, Microsoft now takes the official position that there is no difference between the two designs. [...] The latest news in this saga is that the EU trademark and design registration office has declared Linotype the winner and invalidated Microsoft's registration of Segoe as an original typeface. [...] Sadly, Le Times must note that Frutiger won't be able to discuss his typeface with Microsoft this time around. Now seventy-five, and ill with lung disease, it seems he doesn't have the strength to concern himself with the matter. But there is good news too!!!! We expect that Microsofts shareholders will be grateful to Microsoft for hitting upon this delightful method of saving money. Before commissioning Segoe, Microsoft did, Le Times has heard from Linotype, try to license Frutiger, but baulked at Linotype's price: one penny per OS sold. Kudos to Microsoft for realizing that pennies add up to an unacceptable and unfair shareholder burden. We expect there will be some carpers out there who fancy it unfair that Frutiger will be deprived of substantial royalties for his work. We can allay their anxiety by advising them to consider the practical, shareholder-driven view: Frutiger will soon no longer be with us. We ask everyone in the design community to join us in endorsing Microsoft on this felicitous occasion. It takes an entity of Microsoft's philanthropic resources to be able to deliver this final tribute to a great designer on his sickbed. Note that the penny story is called pure fiction by Bruno Steinert (Linotype). However, Bill Troop's reply to that is most interesting: I got this information in 2004 from a source at Linotype. I have the interview on tape. I will not disclose my source. I have a feeling someone is going to eat crow soon---how do you say crow in German?

Frutiger and Segoe
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David and Goliath ⦿

file name: Ascender Segoe U I Mono

file name: Adrian Frutiger Frutiger 1976 Poster by Grace Heitmann 2015

file name: Adrian Frutiger Frutiger 1976 Poster by Felipe Oliveira 2016

file name: Adrian Frutiger Frutiger Bold Adobe 1976

file name: Steve Matteson Segoe T V 1997 2004

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