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Segoe: Commentary by Brian Livingston

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Brian Livingston of Windows Secrets comments on the Segoe/Frutiger Next affair. In particular, he contacted Steve Matteson (Ascender Corporation), Segoe's developer, who was quoted as saying: Microsoft asked us to update several dozen characters in Segoe UI in order for them to produce better letter shapes on screen. This included the Q and&[...] Segoe fonts continue to evolve prior to and following the first time someone pointed out similarities between the fonts on their Web site. In fact today I just finished redrawing the dagger. [...] Although the effect of these changes may have been to move the design even further away from Frutiger that's just a side-effect of continued improvement.. Livingston's article is balanced and raises high-level issues. For example: Since Microsoft wants copyright protection to be respected in countries like China, it weakens the software giant's argument if it's believed to be copying font designs -- even though such copying may be legal in the U.S. That gives the Segoe/Frutiger case a significance far beyond the fonts themselves.

Segoe: Commentary by Brian Livingston
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David and Goliath ⦿

file name: Ascender Segoe U I Mono

file name: Adrian Frutiger Frutiger Bold Adobe 1976

file name: Steve Matteson Segoe T V 1997 2004

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