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Exclamachine Type Foundry [Choz Cunningham]

Choz Cunningham (b. 1975, Santa Cruz, CA) is a Las Vegas and more recently, Nashville, TN-based designer and artist, who set up Exclamachine in 2005. Until 2012, exclamachine published free fonts. In 2012, it went commercial via MyFonts.

Designer of Whiskey Songs (2007), Crass Roots, Crass Roots Alt (2016), and Crass Roots OFL (2007, stencil), Misqot (2006), The Troubles (2006), Limberjack (2006, an ornate wood titling font), this blackletter-inspired serif face (2006), Futurelic (2006, futuristic), Zugzwang (2006), Sketchy Times Bold (2005, grunge), Sketchy Times (2005, grunge), Basket of Hammers (2005, a nice wallpainting/graffiti font). His company, also called Exclamachine Foundry, where these fonts can be downloaded: The Black Bloc (2006, blackletter-inspired), MISQOT (2006), Kutura Frontalis (2006), PaulMaul (2006), Zugzwang (2006), Sketchy Times (2006), Carlos Caffeinated (2006), Basket of Hammers (2006), Disc Inferno (2006, LED simulation), Rosda Laevigata)2007, handprinting), and this heavy metal band font (2006).

In 2012, Choz published the commercial typefaces MISQOT (scratchy) and Paul Maul XT (irregular hand-printed face).

Typefaces from 2013: FinFang (comic book style caps), Lestatic Slashed (+Condensed), Lestatic Obsidian Outline (grungy), Lestatic Lashed (Arabic simulation face), Lestatic Celerite, Lestatic Carved, Lestatic CSS, Lestatic Withered Condensed, Lestatic Withered, Lestatic Sliced.

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Exclamachine Type Foundry
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file name: Exclamachine Sketchy Times 2005

file name: Choz Cunningham Crass Roots Ofl 2007

file name: Choz Cunningham Crass Roots Ofl 2007b

file name: Choz Cunningham Crass Roots Alt 2016

file name: Choz Cunningham Fin Fang 2013

file name: Choz Cunningham Lestatic Lashed 2013

file name: Choz Cunningham Paul Maul X T Bold 2012

file name: Choz Cunningham M I S Q O T Demi Bold 2012

file name: Choz Cunningham Misqot 2006b

file name: Choz Cunningham M I S Q O T 2012

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