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Miss Tiina [Tina E.J. Raparanta]

Tina E.J. Raparanta (Miss Tiina, Miss Tiina Fonts, or MTF) owns MissTiina.com. Mostly, her fonts are free. Tina is of mixed Finnish and French origins and lives in Ontario.

Designer of the ornamental dingbats typeface Miss Tiina (2007), as well as MTFBase (2009), MTFBaseOutline (2009), MTFUnderYourSkin (2009, curly), MTFBaseDashLeafy (2007), MTFBaseOutline (2007), MTFChunkie (2007), MTFRever (2007), MTFScribblie (2007), MTF_CHUNKIEDOODLE (2007), Mtf_sketchie (2007, childish handwriting), MTF Doodle (2008, dingbats) and MTF Heart Doodle (2008, dingbats).

Commercial handwriting fonts, for a small fee: Megan, XOXO Vo2, XOXO Vo1, Christopher, Hunnie, Sweetie, Frozen Solid, Base, Girlie, Lexi, Oopsie Daisie, Chunkie Doodle (dingbats), Quirkie, Chunkie, Funk Fusion (dingbats), Cutie Patootie, Scribblie, Dreamie, Messy.

With repetitions, the fonts at Fontspace are: MTF-Chunkie-Doodle, MTF-Funk-Fusion, MTF-Girlie, MTFBase, MTFBaseLeafy, MTFBaseOutline, MTFBecki, MTFCaMaura, MTFChubb, MTFChunkie, MTFCindy, MTFColleenCursive, MTFColleenPrint, MTFCoolKid, MTFCupcake, MTFCutiePatootie, MTFDearSanta, MTFDonna, MTFDoodle, MTFDoodlewhats, MTFDreamie, MTFElegance, MTFEpic, MTFEvasHand, MTFFlowerDoodles, MTFFlowrites, MTFFrozenSolid, MTFGavin, MTFGridie, MTFHeartDoodle, MTFHelloAgain, MTFHooRah, MTFHootyCoo, MTFHunnie, MTFIttyBittyBaby, MTFJanaG (2012), MTFJotted, MTFJude, MTFJumpin'Jack, MTFKatrina, MTFKim, MTFKrystyna, MTFLexi, MTFLoli'sHandwriting, MTFLynds, MTFMagicalMarilyn, MTFMegan, MTFMelissa, MTFMemory, MTFMessy, MTFMikayla, MTFMikaylaPrint, MTFNotebook, MTFOliveYou, MTFOopsie, MTFOopsieDaisie, MTFPeachCobbler, MTFPlaytime, MTFPorkChop, MTFQueenOfSketchyland, MTFRever, MTFRhesa, MTFSaxy, MTFScribblie, MTFSkinnyJeans, MTFStampinRachel, MTFSweetCheeks, MTFSweetDings, MTFSweetHalloweenDings, MTFSweetNatureDings, MTFSweetSkyDings, MTFSweetie, MTFTamarasHusband, MTFToast, MTFUnderYourSkin, MTFVecbatVo1, MTFWhacko, MTFWhimsy, MTFWildflower, MTFWulan, MTFXOXOVo.1, MTFXOXOVo.2, MTFakhn, MTFdrgnldy, MTFiheartSketches.

Typefaces from 2018: MTF 100 Dings, MTF100, MTF183, MTF30Something, MTFBeMine, MTFBirthdayBash, MTFBirthdayBashDoodles.

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file name: Tina Raparanta M T F30 Something 2018

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Birthday Bash Doodles 2018

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Chubb

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Flower Doodles 2009

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Flower Doodles 2009b

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Girlie

file name: Tina Raparanta M T F Oopsie Daisie 2007

file name: Tina Raparanta Pic

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