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Désigne (was: Calame Design) [Benoit Sjöholm]

Désigne (which was Calame Design is run by Benoit Sjöholm from Rennes, France, b. 1980.

Creator of the double-lined Margarette 01 (2008), the piano key typeface Désigne (2010), the sans display typeface Explora (2010), the elliptic Bagadek (2010), Fontastique (2010), Rajkeys (2010), the geometric sans Violette01 (2009), the octagonal typeface Yllia (2008), Nioubes (2008, very geometric hairline face), Julie01 (2008), Frida01 (2008, organic slab serif), Thamara01 (2008, sans), Linea (2008, outlined), and the ultra-contrast typefaces Lamia (2008, like leaves), Olivia (2008, art deco), Kanis (2009, organic), Kamalo (2009, upright connected script), Ageone (2009, organic), Agnes Serif (2009), Dollis (2009, elliptical), Johanna (2009, upright multiline script), Jalane Light (2009, techno sans), Yatis Black (2009, almost blackletter), Cilogie (2009, organic), Ageone Serif (2009), Kabys (2009), Kyma (2009), DekerS (2009, sans family), Sixty Queens (2009), Alice (2009), Genikas (2009), Naya (2009), Genikas, Cross (2009), Johanna (2009, multiline face), Johanna Bold (2009), Kamalo (2009, +Bold), Sakiane (2009, a counterless geometric face), Balkeno (2010, display sans), Nolla (2008).

Typefaces created in 2011: Rachel (minimalist sans), Marilou (elliptical monoline sans), Melody, Sophie, Judit, Monika (hand-printed), Fabrik, Eve Isabelle, Marilyn, Charlotte.

Typefaces from 2012: Constance (rounded bold sans), Emmanuelle (extended sans), Behatrice (techno), Georgiquas (a wide all caps face).

Typefaces made in 2013: Kabegnos (elliptical sans), Henorias (elliptical sans).

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file name: Benoit Sjoholm Charlotte 2011

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Constance 2012

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Eve Isabelle 2013

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Henorias 2013

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Georgiquas 2012

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Emmanuelle 2012

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Marilyn 2011

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Judit 2011

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Jalane 2009

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Sakiane 2009

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Behatrice 2012

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Explora 2010

file name: Benoit Sjoholm Olivia 2008

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