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Cubo [Florent Courtaigne]

Florent Courtaigne graduated in graphic design - ENSAD / Art Décoratifs de Paris. He founded created Cubo Fonts in 2008, and works as a graphic designer and drawing teacher in the LISAA Design School in Paris. Now a graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in Paris, Florent Courtaigne is the creator of the free circle arc and straight-line fonts Cyclo and Cyclo Bold (2006).

In 2008, Florent started selling fonts at Myfonts: Cyclo (which used to be free), Cortex (2010, monoline sans), Maline (2008, an upright script), Phylactere (2008, a technical, almost architectural, script), Mercurio, Delicate (2009, connected script typeface renamed Delikaat some time later).

In 2009, Florent added Chaman (Tibetan influences) and Pixo (named after the graffiti style in Sao Paulo, pixação). The 3d interlocking character font family Volume was designed in 2011.

In 2012, Florent Courtaigne and Grégoire Pierre co-designed the Leonardian typeface family. Courtaigne created Liliming (2012), a slab serif family that was orginally designed for Liliming, a famous Shanghainese feminine fashion brand.

Typefaces from 2013: Crealab (an organic techno font family originally designed for CREALAB, a company in Shanghai).

In 2014, Courtaigne made the circuit font poster Hack Yizu.

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file name: Florent Courtaigne Volume 2011

file name: Florent Courtaigne Gregoire Pierre Leonardian 2012

file name: Florent Courtaigne Crealab 2013

file name: Florent Courtaigne Crealab 2013b

file name: Florent Courtaigne Delikaat 2011

file name: Florent Courtaigne Liliming 2012

file name: Florent Courtaigne Liliming 2012b

file name: Florent Courtaigne Maline 2013

file name: Florent Courtaigne Maline 2013b

file name: Florent Courtaigne Hack Yizu Poster 2014

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