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Faberfonts [Frank Béla]

Frank Béla (b. 1978, Orosháza, Hungary) is a graphic design student at Krea Art School in Budapest who uses the pseudonym Fabergraph. Home page. Blog. In 2010, he started out commercially as Faberfonts. Dafont link. Behance link. Klingspor link.

He created the ink trap font Portrait Of A Lady (2009), FR Irisz (2009, didone family), Pontifex (2009), the hand-printed Munkácsy 1120 (2009), the unicase Reka Sans (2009), the thick-thin Azur (2009), the simple sans Babyface (2009), the medieval sorcery font Elmulas (2009), the Valentine;s Day font Sapet (2009), the avant garde sans family Hopper Sans (2009) and the ultra-fat typeface Rendezvous (2009). Callimachos (2009) is a fun triple-lined hand-printed headline typeface (with a Cyrillic version added in). Azur Title Font (2009) is a hairline slabbed typewriter type. Pasta Simpla (2009, followed by FR Pasta Mono in 2010) is another experimental jewel. Hobbista (2009) mixes symbols and glyphs. FR Rama Nous (2009) is a free modular font. In 2009, he also made Arrow, Enamel Paint Type, Belonging (Roman caps).

Commercial fonts made in 2010: FR Unalom, FR Sniccer (stencil), FR Ceruza, FR Minta (a dingbat typeface to make labyrinthine patterns; +Two), FR Tabula (beveled face), FR Smaragdina, FR Mintry One and Two (pattern fonts), and a custom alphabet for Esquire Russia, FR Hopper (monoline sans family).

Activity in 2011: A didone-inspired typeface called MFA Dagi that was was commissioned for a catalog of an exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest, Hungary).

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file name: Frank Bela M F A Dagi 2011

file name: Frank Bela M F A Dagi 2011b

file name: Frank Bela M F A Dagi 2011c

file name: Frank Bela F R Minta Two 2010

file name: Fabergraph Arrow2009

file name: Frank Bela F R Irisz

file name: Frank Bela F R Smaragdina 2010

file name: Frank Bela F R Tabula 2010

file name: Bela Frank Esquire Russia 2010

file name: Bela Frank F R Ceruza 2010

file name: Bela Frank F R Ceruza 2010b

file name: Frank Bela Belonging 2009

file name: Frank Bela Enamel Paint Type 2009

file name: Bela Frank Hobbista 2009

file name: Bela Frank Hobbista 2009b

file name: Fabergraph Pasta Simpla2009

file name: Fabergraph Portrait Of A Lady2009

file name: Fabergraph Rendezvous2009

file name: Fabergraph Azur2009

file name: Fabergraph Azur2009b

file name: Fabergraph Elmulas2009

file name: Fabergraph Sapet2009

file name: Fabergraph Babyfac2009

file name: Fabergraph Munkacsy 2009

file name: Fabergraph Hopper Sans2009

file name: Fabergraph Pontifex2009

file name: Fabergraph Azur Title Font 2009

file name: Fabergraph Callimachos 2009 Big

file name: Fabergraph specimen 2009

file name: Frank Bela F R Irisz 2009

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