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Wes Wilson

Robert Wesley Wilson is a psychedelic era poster artist, b. Sacramento, CA, 1937. He now lives in Aurora, MO. Colin Brignall writes: His most favoured form of lettering developed as a direct influence of Alfred Roller's lettering for an exhibition of Secessionist design in 1903. This lettering was generally rectangular in form and therefore ideally suited for Wilson whose work often involved wrapping words around predetermined, free-flowing areas in order to fill up space. White space being considered bete noire to the psychedelic poster designer whose style of work was intended as a reaction to the prevailing clean Swiss style of typography! Colin concludes: Wes Wilson disappeared from the San Francisco scene as quickly as he and his contemporaries and their highly individual art form breezed in, heading for the Ozark mountains in Missouri in the early 1970s to live, apparently, a reclusive lifestyle. [...] His legacy though is an incredible art form that forty-five years on is revered as truly classic of its time. Wilson's style is also known as the Fillmore Poster lettering style.

Several typefaces were made that are based on Wes Wilson's lettering. These include Wes Wilson (2007, Keith Bates), Mojo (1996, Jim Parkinson, Adobe), Butterfield (1993, David Nalle), Genie (2006, Rebecca Alaccari, Canada Type), Jonah (2005, Rebecca Alaccari, Canada Type), Roller Poster (2006, HiH: named after Alfred Roller), and Peace and Love Solid by Leslie Cabarga.

View some of the digital typefaces that are based on Wes Wilson's work. Facebook link.

Wes Wilson
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file name: Wes Wilson Poster

file name: Jim Parkinson Mojo 1996

file name: Jim Parkinson Mojo 1996

file name: Jim Parkinson Mojo

file name: Keith Bates Wes Wilson 2007

file name: Hi H Roller Poster 2006

file name: Flashfonts Love Solid

file name: Wes Wilson West Fifth Dimension 1971

file name: Wes Wilson West Nouveau Compact 1968

file name: David Nalle Butterfield 1993

file name: Rebecca Alaccari Genie 2006

file name: Rebecca Alaccari Jonah 2005d

file name: Wes Wilson

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