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Daylight Fonts [Shinya Okabe]

Japanese foundry with excellent web pages on early 20-th century type design. They created various revival fonts in ior just before 2009, all connected in some way to Tom Carnase and the phototype era, including

  • Bentley (201)=0). This is the same as Avant Garde Gothic.
  • Bernhard Neo DF (2010).
  • Caslon223 DF (after ITC/LSC Caslon 223 by Tom Carnase). Other Caslons include Caslon Headlione DF (2010) and Caslon Swash DF (2010).
  • Didot DF (2008).
  • Garamond DF (2010).
  • Grouch DF (after ITC Grouch by Tom Carnase and Ronne Bonder)
  • Lubalin Graph DF (after ITC Luabalin graph by Herb Lubalin, Ed Benguiat, Joe Sundwall, and Tony DiSpigna)
  • Busorama DF (after ITC Busorama by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase)
  • L&C Hairline DF (after L&C Hairline by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase)
Additionally, they identified the fonts on many covers and albums from the 1960s and 1970s. Further revivals of photolettering era fonts:
  • Baby Teeth (2009): after the art deco typeface of Milton Glaser, 1968, PhotoLettering.
  • CBS Didot (2009): after the original by Freeman Craw, 1970s.
  • Indigo (2009): after a font by Albert Hollenstein, 1970s.
  • Pacella Collegiate (2009): after Vincent Pacella's typeface at PhotoLettering.
  • Penny Bee (2009): a Peignot lookalike.
  • Tiffany Heavy With Swash (2011). A swashy Didot display face. This type was used by Quentin Tarantino's movie Jackie Brown in 1997. Tiffany Heavy (Ed Benguiat, Photolettering) is basically identical to Benguiat Caslon Swash (1960s) and to Foxy Brown (1974). Similar typefaces include LSC Book with Swash by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase (ca. 1970).
  • Wexford (2009): after the typeface of Richard A. Schlatter, VGC, 1972.
They are working on Permanent Massiv (after a 1962 Ludwig&Mayer font by Karlgeorg Hoefer---comparable to Impact or Compacta in its massiveness and masculinity), Michel, Didoni, Tiffany, Ginger Snap, Patriot, Motter Ombra, Pistilli Roman, Benguiat Caslon, and Via Face Don.

Daylight Fonts
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file name: Daylight Didot D F 2008

file name: Daylight Bentley Avant Garde Gothic 2010

file name: Daylight Bernhard Neo D F 2010

file name: Daylight Caslon Headline D F 2010

file name: Daylight Caslon Swash D F 2010

file name: Daylight Garamond D F 2010

file name: Daylight Fonts Logo

file name: Daylight Tiffany Heavy With Swash 2011

file name: Daylight Tiffany Heavy With Swash 2011b

file name: Daylight Caslon233 D F2009

file name: Daylight Caslon233 D F2009b

file name: Daylight Grouch D F2009

file name: Daylight Grouch D F2009b

file name: Daylight Baby Teeth 2009

file name: Daylight C B S Didot 2009

file name: Daylight Indigo 2009

file name: Daylight Pacella Collegiate 2009

file name: Daylight Penny Bee 2009

file name: Daylight Permanent Massiv 2009

file name: Daylight Fonts Permanent Massiv 2010 after Karlgeorg Hoefer Permanent 1962

file name: Daylight Pistilli Roman 2010

file name: Daylight Wexford 2009

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