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Sketchbook B [Bob Wertz]

Free font outfit by Bob Wertz that started production in 2009, mostly based on FontStruct: Micro 205 (dot matrix typeface), Scoreboard (athletic lettering), Valdes Poster Sans (2009, a casual hand-printed bold sans done in cooperation with Zoo Valdes), Aiken (art deco done at FontStruct), CerealBox (+Fill), Technobabble, Transmission (+Bold; FontStruct), Psuedoscript (2010, upright connected angular script), Powergrid (constructivist, FontStruct), Substation (constructivist, FontStruct), Dradis (FontStruct, kitchen tile face), Woodrow (FontStruct, octagonal; +Light), Infield (FontStruct), Grande (fat piano key font, FontStruct), Big Thursday (Wild West face, FontStruct), Dingbots and Monsters (pixel dingbat face, FontStruct), Foxtrot Sierra (maritime flags).

Powerlane (2012), his first commercial typeface, is an octagonal constructivist typeface family.

He writes about himself: Bob Wertz is a graphic designer and art director living in Columbia, SC. In addition to working as designer, Bob has been an adjunct professor at the University of South Carolina. He was a founding member of the AIGA South Carolina board, serving as vice president for two years and then as president for two years.

He also made some fonts with iFontMaker in 2010: SketchPad, LilyPad. Fonstructions in 2011 include Dingbots and Monsters XL.

In 2013, he co-designed the grungy typeface Valdes Clarendon with Marius Valdes.

Typefaces from 2014 include Callsign Narrow (octagonal stencil font), Power Grid 2.0 and Saluda (rounded sans).

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Sketchbook B
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file name: Bob Wertz Pic

file name: Marius Valdes Bob Wertz Valdes Clarendon 2013

file name: Bob Wertz Cereal Box 2009

file name: Bob Wertz Micro205 2010

file name: Bob Wertz Callsign Narrow 2014

file name: Bob Wertz Powergrid20 2014

file name: Bob Wertz Powergrid20 2014b

file name: Bob Wertz Saluda 2014

file name: Bob Wertz Powerlane Black 2012

file name: Bob Wertz Powerlane Black 2012b

file name: Bob Wertz Powerlane 2012c

file name: Bob Wertz Powerlane 2012d

file name: Bob Wertz Dingbots And Monsters X L 2011

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