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Martin Kaye

Born in 1932 in London, Martin Kaye was well-known for his sturdy posters which he made from 1972 until 1983 for Paradiso in Amsterdam. A set of 1100 of these posters owned by Stichting Martin Kaye Alphabet Index&Library is being managed by Affichemuseum in Hoorn, The Netherlands. He was also a type expert, and had started a catalog of typefaces, having made a listing of 60,000 typefaces when he was murdered in 1989 during a robbery. His work included also many unique complete alphabets. The book Facade AlphaBets et Cetera is the only published book document. At Amazon, we read about his book: Although out of print Martin Kaye's work deserves some recognition for his part in the world of typographic design. This book of some 90 pages reflects his work throughout 20 years. With typographic studies to reproductions of some of Kaye's Paradiso posters, this is perhaps the best example of of a lifetime's work by this artist. It is unfortunate this item remains out of print since it remains a definitive example of typographic inovation and inspiration. It is with great sadness that the book, published in 1985, four years prior to his death, remains as his only epitaph. Since only 1000 copies were ever printed it may never be seen by as many as might apreciate such a work. Examples of Kaye's work do hang in the Rock Museum in Amsterdam. But for me this book is a must for anyone interested in typography. This was done in the days before computers. Martin would hand cut the designs in 'red film' a method by which screenprint templates would be made. The intricacy of his designs and skill would astound anyone seeing him at work, the results of which would shine out from poster stands all over Amsterdam.

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