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Corey Holms

Graduate from Cal Arts (1996), who runs CoreyHolms.Com in Fullerton, near Los Angeles. MyFonts link. MyFonts foundry link. Most of his fonts were republished in the 2020s at Canada Type.

Designer of Compunabula (2015: a low resolution, 8-bit alphabet imagined for our high resolution world), NE10 (2010, a stencil / neon tube typeface), This (a stencil typeface), Area (2008, Umbrella Type, an art deco nightclub face; hints of Avant Garde), Mode (2007, experimental modular type, Umbrella and later Canada Type, Babbage (2005, Umbrella Type, a capricious typewriter font), Sange (2002, a dot matrix blackletter font), Brea and Brea Light (2004, a dot matrix blackletter family at Umbrella Type; republished in 2021 at Canada Type), Mince and Mince Shadow (2004, Umbrella Type), DecadesOS (2002, for Decades Inc), Air-Port (1999), Attractor (2001, based on Alexei Tylevich's NoGlow), Granule (2009, fat rounded sans), Cartridge (2001), Claes (2001, based on a Wim Crouwel design), Consume (1996), Den (1998, for the Digital Entertainment Network), Digital (1997, for "The Apartment"), Empire (1995), Fascia (2002), Hobart (2001, a kitchen tile font), Pea (2005, Veer: letters made up of springs), Phia (another kitchen tile font), Progress (2001, for Progress City), Rasputin, RMX, Savante (1999), Sears (2000), Stencil, Thirty, Untitled and WebType (2000). Many of these fonts are futuristic, experimental, logo-inspired or minimalist.

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Corey Holms
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file name: Corey Holms This

file name: Corey Holms Thisb

file name: Corey Holms N E10 2010b

file name: Corey Holms Ne10 2010

file name: Corey Holms N E10 2010

file name: Corey Holms Ne10 2010b

file name: Corey Holms Ne10 2010c

file name: Corey Holms Ne10 Stencil 2013

file name: Corey Holms Area

file name: Corey Holms Babbage

file name: Corey Holms Brea

file name: Corey Holms Compunabula 2015

file name: Corey Holms Compunabula 2015b

file name: Corey Holms Compunabula 2015c

file name: Corey Holms Granule

file name: Corey Holms Mode 2021

file name: Corey Holms Mode

file name: Corey Holms Pea

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