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Google Web Fonts

Google's answer to web fonts, including a directory of over 900 free fonts. Their goal was to have 1000 fonts by the end of 2011, but they passed the 500 mark only in 2012, the 800 level in 2016, and the 900 threshold in 2018. Blog.

On May 19, 2010, Typekit announced an open source collaboration with Google called the WebFontLoader: Now you can have complete control over how fonts are loaded and what happens when they're rendered. You can download the code and use it however you like, or link directly to the latest version via the Google Ajax APIs. [...] You can use WebFont Loader with fonts on your own server, links to the just-announced Google Webfont API, or any Typekit account. We've also made sure the code is modular, so other font hosting services can add to it in the future.

Google offers these fonts for free, and pays its designers a few thousand dollars. This prompted a reaction from Bruno Maag in 2012: Yes, Google with its free fonts, or libre fonts as they like to call them, is a particular bugbear of mine. Now, if someone wants to make their fonts available for free that is up to them; I have no problems with that. However, it is very different if a giant corporate entity which has a market valuation of a gazillion dollars is asking young and budding designers to submit their fonts for a measly few thousand dollars under the condition of an open source licence. I call this exploitation as well as a complete disregard for design. The result, unfortunately, is that in many cases the fonts are of not very good quality since they have been designed by inexperienced designers.

Download all Google Web fonts in one huge file. Old (pre-2016) Google Fonts site. Master file containing all of Google Fonts. Google font archive from 2015.

Google Web Fonts
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