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Summit Type (or: macware Inc, or: Summitsoft Corporation) [Jason Hogrefe]

Summit Type is located in Omaha, NE. At Dafont, the company is associated with Jason Hogrefe. Another name of the company is 128Bit Technologies. Their fonts include Calligri (2009, calligraphic), and Merilee (2009, neat handprinting). At Dafont, there are free fonts such as Alido (2009), Dunkirk (2010, a comic book style face) and Loopi (2009, a connected script). Other fonts include Whirly (2008 curly), Venezio (2008), Regala (2008), Opal (2008), Olcen (2008), Idion (2008), Gamadyne (2008), Ferris (2008), Dickens Carol (2008), Bristle (2008, brush), Banks Script (2008), Arias (2008), and Ardor (2008). The unknown designer might be Hogrefe himself--I doubt it though. Upon closer scrutiny, we discover that the company is basically a vendor. About 4000 Fonts (40 USD), they write All of the fonts in 4000 Fonts are new from our SummitType foundry and have never been available before now. They also sell Wedding Fonts and Holiday Fonts. The company is also known as Summitsoft Corp.

Further investigation reveals that this is the old Macxware company about which I have been writing for almost ten years. From another place on my web site, I quote [note that this was written ca. 2004]: A CD with 1000 truetype fonts for Mac OS/X sold for 30USD and advertised by Creative Pro. This PDF file shows that most fonts are by Ray Larabie, Aenigma and other shareware foundries. I wonder if Ray and Aenigma know about this. For an extra 30USD, you can get an additional 750 fonts on the MoreMacFonts CD. That second CD, whose fonts can be viewed here consists of nothing but renamed stuff from elsewhere.

The dubious company, called macXware, is run by Ishan Amin out of Omaha, NE. People on Typophile complained that most are freeware/shareware fonts by people such as Ray Larabie, Tom Murphy and Brian Kent (Aenigma). Amin said he obtained permissions. I do not believe that. And a big booh to Creative Pro. On September 4, 2004, 5 months after my original complaint, Creative Pro is still at it advertising this work. Typophile thread. Finally, on September 21, 2004, macXware withdrew its font collections from the market. Well, it seems they have been resurrected as Summit Type and convinced MyFonts to accept their business.

The continuing saga in 2011. MacUpdate bundles free fonts with their software---see here and here. The fonts were made by SummitType---this PDF shows all the fonts. The FontPack Pro 2015 edition contains 7640 fonts. See also here, 4000 Fonts (Amazon), here, and here. Again, nothing but renamed fonts---Mistral is Mystic, Vogue is Vogel, and so forth.

Compilation of all font names in the Master Pro collection. List of the 1577 names in the Premium Fonts collection of 128bit Technologies.

Summit Type (or: macware Inc, or: Summitsoft Corporation)
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file name: Summit Type Merilee 2010

file name: Summit Soft Alido 2008

file name: Summit Soft Ardor 2008

file name: Summit Soft Arias 2008

file name: Summit Soft Banks Script 2008

file name: Summit Soft Bristle 2008

file name: Summit Soft Dickens Carol 2008

file name: Summit Soft Ferris 2008

file name: Summit Soft Gamadyne 2008

file name: Summit Soft Idion 2008

file name: Summit Soft Loopi 2008

file name: Summit Soft Olcen 2008

file name: Summit Soft Opal 2008

file name: Summit Soft Regala 2008

file name: Summit Soft Venezio 2008

file name: Summitsoft Corporation Wink Bold 2009

file name: Summit Soft Whirly 2008

file name: Summit Type Loopi 2010

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