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Jure Kožuh

Written by Luc Devroye
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
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Slovenian designer (b. 1984, Ljubljana) of the sans display typeface Gospodar during the design workshop TipoBrda in 2008. He writes about Gospodar: This typeface was first published in the Newspaper of Slovenian Museums, ARGO ([53/1], 2010). Authors of the newspapers design are Ziga Testen and Ajdin Basic. For the work on the project, they were awarded 1st prize in category Magazines and newspapers, at the 4th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications (Brumen Fundation) in 2009.

At TipoBrda 2007, he created Neo Gothic. Stat (2011, an information design sans face) was developed at tipoRenesansa, 2nd international type design workshop.

Commercial faces: Cookogram (2011, dings), Master (2012, black sans headline face).

In 2013, he published the information design sans families Stat Display Pro and Stat Text Pro.

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Jure Kožuh
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file name: Jure Kozuh Master 2012

file name: Jure Kozuh Cookogram 2011

file name: Jure Kozuh Cookogram 2011b

file name: Jure Kozuh Gospodar2008b

file name: Jure Kozuh Stat 2011

file name: Jure Kozuh Stat Display Pro 2013

file name: Jure Kozuh Stat Display Pro Medium Negatve 2013

file name: Jure Kozuh Stat Text Pro Bold 2013

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