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Irina Smirnova

Graduate of the Masters program in type design at KABK, 2010. Before that, she studied type design at the Moscow State University of Printing Arts and graduated in 2001. She worked as free-lance designer for ParaType Inc under Tagir Safayev. During 2002-2006 she taught courses on type design and lettering at the Institute of Modern Art in Moscow. She was also affiliated with the British Higher School of Design (2008-2011) in Moscow. Irina worked as type designer at Laterica and Art Lebedev Studio (until 2008). Currently she is a freelance designer in Moscow, whee she teaches calligraphy.

She created Inder (2011), which can be downloaded at Google Web Fonts and Fontsquirrel, where it was published by Sorkin Type.

Her fonts at Art Lebedev Studio include ALS Kraft (2008, an octagonal face) and ALS Klinkopis (2008, calligraphic). The latter fdont was named after Yana Klink (an illustrator at Art Lebedev Studio).

Creator of Zwoelf (2008, with Oleg Pashchenko and Zakhar Yaschin).

Museo Sans Cyrillic (2012) is a Cyrillic extension of Jos Buivenga's Museo Sans. She also made Cyrillic extensions of Museo and Museo Slab.

Free fonts in 2012 at Google Web Fonts: Denk One [Download link], Fjalla One [Download link].

Designer of Parmigiano Cyrillic (2012-2014), as part of the larger Parmigiano Typographic System of Riccardo Olocco and Jonathan Pierini.

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Irina Smirnova
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file name: Oleg Pashchenko Irina Smirnova Zakhar Yaschin Zwoelf 2008

file name: Yana Klink Irina Smirnova A L S Klinkopis 2008

file name: Irina Smirnova Jos Buivenga Museo Sans Cyrillic 2012

file name: Jos Buivenga Irina Smirnova Museo Sans Cyrillic 2012

file name: Irina Smirnova Inder 2011b

file name: Irina Smirnova Inder 2011

file name: Riccardo Olocco Jonathan Pierini Parmigiano Cyrillic Text 2014

file name: Irina Smirnova Denk One 2012

file name: Irina Smirnova Fjalla One 2012

file name: Irina Smirnova Pic 2019

file name: Irina Smirnova Pic

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