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Kummaeno calls himself an art director, graphic stuntman and fontstructor. He lives in Sweden where he works at Infobahn Reklambyra. He "fontstructed" the pixel/stencil family Soft Cell (2010), and the squarish typefaces Samizdat (2010, his remix of the constructivist T-26 font "Revolution" by Douglas Carter, 1994), Gearbox (2010), FS Crude (2010, a heavy typeface inspired by 224MKSD Black by Masayuki Sato), Manifesto (2010, influenced by Donald Beekman's FF Tsunami) and Aegis (2010; think ITC Bolt Bold). Modicum (2010) is a pointy severely angled black sans. Bonfire (2011) is a semi-blackletter face. Soft Cell (2010) is an LED font. About the MICR font MegaSpacer (2010), he says: Inspired by the fantastic "MICR" font set. And the Solaris font design from the nineties by Büro Destruct (ah, those were the days). Old but good ideas brought to Fonstruct. Fun and easy as pie. Basking (2010) looks like Martin Wenzel's FF Marten. Aerostyle (2010) is a techno / Eurostile typeface inspired by Masayuki Sato&Tsuyoshi Nagae at Maniackers Design. Kuiper (2010) is a remix of the techno typeface Straker by Rian Hughes. Gamepad (2010) is an angry fat display face. Piquance (2010) and Quanted (2010) are ultra-fat decorative typefaces. Jacobine (2010) is a bellbottom face. Bitrate (2010) is a carbon copy (in his words) of Data 90 (Rian Hughes).

FontStructions from 2011: Bayonet is a high-contrast art deco display face. Arbour is a piano key face. Pugilista is a fat boxy face. Pistolera is where the West meets psychedelia. About Syncope he says: You have seen the likes before ("FF HardSoul Ultra" by Donald Beekman or "Loudine" at pintassilgoprints.com). Constructivism with extreme bulk. Ultra-fat retro letter shapes. Ubangi is a hip "remix" of Rian Hughes's Darkside. FS Space Opera is party art deco. FS Rasterbator is a dotty raster halftone exercise.

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file name: Kummaeno F S Space Opera 2011

file name: Kummaeno Ubangi 2011

file name: Kummaeno Pistolera 2011

file name: Kummaeno Pugilista 2011

file name: Kummaeno Bayonet 2011

file name: Kummaeno Piquance

file name: Kummaeno Bitrate 2010

file name: Kummaeno Jacobine 2010

file name: Kummaeno Kuiper 2010

file name: Kummaeno Modicum 2010

file name: Kummaeno Aegis 2010

file name: Kummaeno Aerostyle 2010

file name: Kummaeno Basking 2010

file name: Kummaeno F S Crude 2010

file name: Kummaeno Mega Spacer 2010

file name: Kummaeno Samizdat 2010

file name: Kummaeno Piquance

file name: Kummaeno Syncope 2011

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