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Elisabeth Friedländer

German type designer (b. 1903, Berlin, d. 1984) at the Bauersche Giesserei who made Elisabeth (1934). Sometimes her name is spelled Friedlander, without an umlaut. Pauline Paucker's book, New Borders The Working Life of Elizabeth Friedlander (Incline Press, 11A Printer Street, Oldham OLI IPN England), describes her life, including the story of her flight from Nazi Germany in 1936 (she was Jewish), to Italy. She had studied in Berlin with E.R. Weiss at the Berlin Academy. She joined the German fashion magazine Die Dame. In 1933 George Hartmann asked her to design a typeface for Bauersche Giesserei. She designed Elizabeth in 1934---a Roman and Kursiv and a Bold that was never completed or produced---but she was unable to name the typeface Friedlander, as she had wished, because it was a recognizably Jewish name. She was associated for some time with the Bauer foundry. Her typeface was finally cut in 1939 but she had already left Germany because of the war. She went on to Italy and then later to London where she eventually worked with Jan Tschichold at Penguin Books doing covers for Penguin books, and became a celebrated graphic designer.

Jim Rimmer's RTF Isabelle (roman and italic), made in 2006, is based on two delicate serif typefaces by Friedlander.

Elisabeth-Antiqua, Elisabeth-Kursiv (and swash letters) and Linotype Friedlaender borders were revived in 2006 by Ari Rafaeli, and at an unknown date by Reymund Schroeder as Friedlaender.

In 2005, Andreu Balius was commissioned to digitize the typeface now sold by Neufville Digital: Elizabeth ND (2007, 3 styles). Klingspor link.

Elisabeth Friedländer
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file name: Elizabeth Friedlander Andreu Balius Elizabeth N D

file name: Andreu Balius Elisabeth N D

file name: Elizabeth Friedlander Elizabeth Roman Elizabeth Italic 1934 Weiss Roman

file name: Andreu Balius Elizabeth Friedlander Elizabeth N D Roman 2007

file name: Reymund Schroeder Friedlaender after Elizabeth Friedlaender Elizabeth

file name: Jim Rimmer Canada Type Isabelle Pro 2013

file name: Jim Rimmer Canada Type Isabelle Pro 2013b

file name: Jim Rimmer Canada Type Isabelle Pro 2013c

file name: Jim Rimmer Canada Type Isabelle Pro 2013d

file name: Jim Rimmer Canada Type Isabelle Pro 2013e

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