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Calligraphy and Penmanship in History 42 Books

Alternate URL. Alternate URL. These files have 42 e-books on penmanship, for a total of 300MB. The list:

  • 1.Ames, Daniel T., 1884, Ames' Guide to Self-Instruction in Practical and Artistic Penmanship
  • 2.Ames, Daniel T., The Daniel T. Ames Notebook, A wonderful collection of penmanship from the early 1860s from one of America's preeminent penmen and teachers
  • 3.Behrensmeyer, H.P, Lessons in Practical Penmanship
  • 4.Barnett, C.A., J.T. Henderson and J.N. Yocom, 1901, Oberlin Business College - Compendium of Penmanship.
  • 5.Bloser, P.Z. (Copies by E.A. Lupfer), 1948, Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship.
  • 6.Canan/Zanerian College, 1921, C.C. Canan Collection of Penmanship - The Canan Book, Copyright by Zaner-Bloser, Inc. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
  • 7.Champion, Mary L., Champion Method of Practical Business Writing
  • 8.Charles, A.A.S., 1983, Steel Pen Trade 1930-1980 Used with permission. All rights reserved.
  • 9.Clark, Clinton H., The Clinton Clark Scrapbook Part One, Part Two, Part Three.
  • 10.Comer, George and Oliver Linton, 1864, Penmanship Made Easy
  • 11.Courtney, F.B., The Francis B. Courtney Scrapbook, courtesy of Bob Hurford
  • 12.D'Avignon, L'ecriture Americaine, "Writing American" by D'Avignon, circa 1840
  • 13.Dennis, W.E., 1914, Studies in Pen Art
  • 14.Gaskell, G.A., 1883, Gaskell's Compendium of Forms (the section on writing)
  • 15.Huntington, Eleazer, 1821, Art of Penmanship
  • 16.IAMPETH Scrapbooks - A remarkable collection of Golden Age penmanship, PDF Number 1, PDF Number 2.
  • 17.Jenkins, John, 1813, The Art of Writing
  • 18.Jones, C.W., editor, 1914, Lessons in Engraver's Script
  • 19.Jones, C.W., editor, 1914, Ninety-five Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship
  • 20.Kelchner, Lloyd M., 1901, Complete Compendium of Plain Practical Penmanship
  • 21.Knowles and Maxim, publisher, 1881, Real Pen Work - Self Instructor in Penmanship
  • 22.Madarasz, Louis, Lessons in Advanced Engraver's Script, published by C.W. Jones
  • 23.Madarasz/Zanerian College, 1911, The Madarasz Book - The Secret of the Skill of Madarasz, Copyright by Zaner-Bloser, Inc. Used with permission.All rights reserved.
  • 24.McDonald Business Academy, 1894, Penman's Leisure Hour
  • 25.Meyrat, P., circa 1920's, Recueil Methodique de Principes d' Ecriture ("A Methodical Collection of Principles of Writing"
  • 26.Mills, Edward C., 1903, Modern Business Penmanship
  • 27.Noyes, Enoch, 1839, Noyes's Penmanship
  • 28.Palmer, A.N., 1935, The Palmer Method of Business Writing
  • 29.Palmer, A.N., 1919, Palmer's Penmanship Budget
  • 30.Palmer Company, The A.N., Portfolio of Ornate Penmanship
  • 31.Real Pen-Work Publishing, 1867, Bible Pearls of Promise
  • 32.Spencer Authors, 1874, Theory of Spencerian Penmanship
  • 33.Spencer Brothers, 1881, New Standard Practical Penmanship
  • 34.Spencer, Platt Rogers, Sr., 1866, Compendium of Spencerian or Semi-Angular Penmanship
  • 35.Spencerian Authors, 1879, New Spencerian Compendium
  • 36.Stacy, L.E., 1907 (compiled by), The Blue Book
  • 37.Sull, Michael R., 1989, Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship, Volume I, Chapters 1,2 and 8.
  • 38.Sykes, circa 1885, Sykes's Manual of Penmanship
  • 39.Williams, J.D. and S.S. Packard, 1867, Gems of Penmanship
  • 40.Zaner, C.P., 1888, Gems of Flourishing
  • 41.Zaner, C.P., 1920, Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship
  • 42.Zaner, C.P., 1900, The New Zanerian Alphabets

Calligraphy and Penmanship in History 42 Books
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