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Vaibhav Singh

Graduate of the University of Reading in 2011. His typeface project there led to the development of Eczar, a type family for Latin and Devanagari (2011). It has a stencil weight. He explains: Eczar was designed with an intent to bring liveliness and vigour to academic books (of a literary and philosophical bent). With a focus on multi-script typography, the design intends to provide a wide-ranging type-family, for texts that deal with translation, transliteration and transcription between Latin and Devanagari. Eczar is a work in progress and more weights, a more expanded character set and features are presently under development. Eczar was published in 2015 at Google Web Fonts by Rosetta Type Foundry. Github link, where Irene Vlachou added Greek support for Eczar in 2017. CTAN link with TeX support.

In 2014, he codeveloped Skolar Sanskrit and Skolar Devanagari with David Brezina at Rosetta Type.

Myriad Devanagari, designed by Vaibhav Singh, won an award at Granshan 2016.

In 2017, Adobe Type released Myriad Devanagari and Myriad Bengali. Designed by Vaibhav Singh and Neelakash Kshetrimayum, respectively, these typefaces translate the design of Adobe's popular Myriad family (by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach) to the most-used writing systems of India. Earlier, in 2012, Vaibhav Singh and Paul D. Hunt published Adobe Gurmukhi.

Typefaces from 2020: Marble (with Alessia Mazzarella, at URW: Marble is part of Asterisk Type Collection by URW Type Foundry. Marble is a modern sans serif with a distinct character and comes in 108 styles plus variable fonts).

At ATypI 2011 in Reykjavik, he spoke on Devanagari letterforms in multi-script typography through the twentieth century.

Vaibhav Singh
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file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020 333512

file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020 333513

file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020 333514

file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020 333515

file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020 333516

file name: U R W Type Foundry Marble 2020

file name: Adobe Devanagari Left versus Myriad Devanagari Right 2017

file name: Paul D Hunt Vaibhav Singh Adobe Gurmukhi 2012

file name: Vaibhav Singh Myriad Devanagari 2017

file name: Vaibhav Singh David Brezina Skolar Sanskrit 2014

file name: Rosetta Type Skolar Devanagari 2008 2014

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar Extra Bold 2011

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar 2011

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar 2011b

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar 2011c

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar Hindi 2011

file name: Vaibhav Singh Eczar Stencil 2011

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