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Transkrypt [Frank Baranowski]

Frank Baranowski (b. 1960, Altenmedingen), of Neuenkirchen in Northern Germany, runs the Transkrypt foundry and has been designing typefaces since 1990. He studied Graphic Design at the Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste in Braunschweig, Germany. In 2003 transkrypt was started as a website to show typographic experimental projects, exercises on types and also typefaces, which were designed by Frank Baranowski. His most extensive project, the Lyrix Projekt, is a kind of typographic anthology of pop lyrics. He describes transkrypt as "a space for unusual and unused type-design and typography". He designs mainly experimental typefaces, such as Kaleido (2004), Clayborn (2004, slightly grungy), Concrete, EF Mrs. Beasley (1995, nice fat round letters, Elsner&Flake), Sputnik (2004, URW++, an oriental look family), Phoenikia, Tambourine (2004, URW++), BB Mr. Beasley (1995, Linotype) and EF Musical (Elsner&Flake, serifed and playful). His experiments also include Lyrix (type motifs from pop songs), Quak (Quadrat-Kreis System, a grid system for constructing letters as parts of circles and lines), Patchwork (2005), Pardon (2005) and Kryptik-Zyklus (his own type posters and art). Latest creations: Karoline (2005), New Telegraph (2007, slab serif), Funtype (2009, hand-printed), Monumental (2009, a fat typeface made for stacking), Dodgy Ultra (2009, fat face). He has a page on "Typen mit Schwung". He also designed many elaborate initial caps typefaces, such as Tookatooth Initialen, Schnabel, Alien Initials, Siamesisches Alphabet (Thai simulation face), Banderol Initialen.

In 2010, he started Fontschmiede with Michel M, where further fonts, commercial and free, can be found: Mrs Beasley, Sputnik, Superia, Tambourine, Destroya, Alphabutts and Elemenz are free.

In 2011, he published New Telegraph Arrows at Fontschmiede.

In 2012, he created Journal 74 (Fontschmiede), a retro font family.

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file name: Frank Baranowski Alien Initials

file name: Frank Baranowski Banderol Initialen

file name: Frank Baranowski Monumental 2010

file name: Frank Baranowski Mrs Beasley 2010

file name: Frank Baranowski Schnabel

file name: Frank Baranowski Siamesisches Alphabet

file name: Frank Baranowski Sputnik Outline 2010

file name: Frank Baranowski Superia Bold 2010

file name: Frank Baranowski Tambourine Outline 2010

file name: Frank Baranowski Tookatooth Initialen

file name: Frank Baranowski Journal74 Bold 2012

file name: Frank Baranowski Journal74 2012b

file name: Frank Baranowski Journal74 2012

file name: Frank Baranowski Journal74 2012c

file name: Frank Baranowski Journal74 2012d

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