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Dan Sayers

Dan Sayers (aka iotic) is an app developer and software engineer, who studied mathematics at Oxford from 1994 until 1998, and evoluionary systems at Sussex from 2008 until 2010.

He designed La Avería en El Ordenador (2011, OFL), an average of all 725 fonts on his computer. The fontfamily was split into Avería, Avería Sans and Avería Serif. Now, this may seem like a simple thing, but it is not! He took almost a year to complete this task, giving it a lot of thought. In the process, he created Font Path Viewer, a free web app for viewing the font outlines (with control points) of all fonts on one's system. He did the following clever thing: each font contour was split into 500 equal pieces (a serious exercise for Bezier fanatics), numbered from 1 to 500, and all 500 positions were averaged (over the fonts on his system) to obtain Avería. Interpolations between fonts have been attempted before (see Superpolator, or Font Remix), but to have it automated in this way is quite another achievement. More images of Avería: i, ii, iii.

Averia Serif Libre (2012) exists in six styles, and there are also the Averia Libre, Averia Sans Libre and Averia Gruesa Libre families. These are available from Google Web Fonts.

So, here is my small request for Dan: build an on-line tool, based on the Bezier outline cutting principle you pioneered, for interpolating between two typefaces. The user would submit two fonts, and the interpolation would be shown on the screen after a couple of seconds. I am sure you can do it!

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Dan Sayers
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file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011h

file name: Dan Sayers Averia Serif 2011 Poster by Igor Atlagic 2017

file name: Dan Sayers Averia Sans 2011

file name: Dan Sayers Averia Serif 2011

file name: Dan Sayers 2 Averia 2011

file name: Dan Sayers Averia Gruesa 2011

file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011bc

file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011d

file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011e

file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011f

file name: Dan Sayers Averia 2011g

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